Why use 24SevenSocial?

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Why should you use 24SevenSocial? 24SevenSocial is a system where you can, among other things, plan posts and do advertising, but the system also has many additional features added to the Facebook universe for social media marketing.

One of our strengths that makes us stand out is that we have available consultants. They are there to help you and give you advice. Our goal is to make your job as easy as possible. We’ve gathered everything in one place and are constantly updating to add more features, making the platform more transparent and more efficient.


Additional features

Landing Pages: With 24SevenSocial you can create landing pages that collect legal data. Create for example; registration form, christmas calendar or competitions. We have a function that make the customers agree or disagree to let you use the data.

Inbox: Do you spend too much time answering and keeping track of all DM’s and comments on Facebook and Instagram? All this is collected in the inbox. You have everything in one place. In this way, you become more efficient and can feel confident that all inquiries and promotions are taken care of.

Be notified if something unusual happens: With cruise control you can get notice if something unusual happens to the messages coming to your corporate´s Messenger inbox. You will feel more relaxed about the inbox and can take control of the situation if a crisis occurs.

Choose a winner: How do you choose a fair winner of social media competitions? In addition to tools that can create competitions (that collect legitimate data), 24SevenSocial can also automatically draw a fair winner of the competition you have made.


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Mark people (trolls or fans) to alert when they comment on your page: Are you struggling with trolls on the Facebook page of your business? Trolls must be treated properly. With 24SevenSocial you can mark them and be notified when the trolls comment. This way, you can pretend them from doing harm to your brand.

Fans are the best ambassadors for your brand, take care of them! You can also mark fans and be notified when they comment on your page. Treat them well and keep them interested.

AutoAnswer: By creating an autoresponder via 24SevenSocial can you get down the response time right. The costumer also experience a better customer service.

Understand the data so you can use it: Do you really know how much data you can get from your competitors? You can get an overview of:

  • when and how often they post
  • see the frequency of the succession
  • see how much engagement they have on their pages

With 24SevenSocial you get the numbers in clear charts so that your job becomes easier. Learn from your biggest competitors.


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Facebook Partner
24SevenSocial is a Facebook Partner. What does this mean in practice? We get updates on which changes Facebook will do. In this way can we adapt to the changes in time with Facebook

Don’t hesitate to contact us!
Do you want a more efficient and organized workday? Call +47 404 14 700 or email us at hello@24sevensocial.com. We book a non-binding meeting where we present the system and how you can use it in the best possible way. If you choose to use the system, the process is simple and fast. We set up users for you and you can start right away.