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Spend less time developing high-quality content for your growing business. ‘Publisher team’ is the tool that helps chains and multi-page customers like you to easily handle their brands’ social media management no matter if they have 10 or 500 profiles to take care of!

Take advantage of brand mapping

What is Mapping? You simply connect all your pages and ad accounts and mapping allows you to easily tailor posts for your local Facebook Pages or post identical content with customized place, name, URL, budget, or audience.

Perform bulk changes with a few clicks

Change the profile picture or cover photo of all your pages with a few clicks. The hassle is real when you have to update the profile pictures of 100+, 200+, 300+ pages. We are making your life a whole lot easier. Select the pages, choose an image, click the button and relax while 24SevenSocial does the work.

Create brand groups

Add brands, branches and different chains to one or more groups. Then enjoy how easy it is to create organic or paid content and publish it to a specific group of pages.

We use 24SevenSocial for planning and publishing posts, create competitions, answer inquiries from our customers, and get numbers and statistics on it all. We are very happy with both the platform as well as the help we get from 24SevenSocial.

Vibeke Scheel Aubert Web Editor

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