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URL Shortener. Keep it short.

Short and pretty URLs that are just yours. Untraceable short links that you create and get insights about.


Modify links and make them yours and untraceable. When you shorten a link with you are free to change it all. Change the title, image and description on articles published on Facebook. Use it for A/B-testing, emphasizing different themes in a complex article, pure beautifying or fixing broken tags without the hassle of involving your IT-department.


Different results on the same link means it’s a no brainer to copy your shortened link and make versions for different purposes. One for Facebook, one for LinkedIn, one for newsletters, one for Twitter and one for the pure fun of it…
Separate the numbers and get measurable and comparable results.


Create, change, and test Call to Action buttons on your own articles without involving anyone else and re-doing your website? You can!

Be sure to handle this with extreme caution and common business sense. Don’t be mean. Don’t steal. Don’t mislead. Don’t do anything to make us disable this functionality for you.

We use 24SevenSocial for planning and publishing posts, create competitions, answer inquiries from our customers, and get numbers and statistics on it all. We are very happy with both the platform as well as the help we get from 24SevenSocial.

Vibeke Scheel Aubert Web Editor

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