Short URLs for customer trust and tailored strategies

Short links can give you big results! Create and share branded, untraceable short links, that will catch the attention of your audience and increase your click-through rates. Make A/B tests, create unique links for each channel and get correct results of their performance each time.

Be unique and build trust

Short and custom links build trust and brand image. Modify yours, gain the trust of your audience and see the boost in your click-through-rates.

Track your performance correctly

Even Google Analytics can give you misleading data. Track correctly your results and see which network performs best for you by creating different short links for each channel. Make smarter, data-driven decisions on where and how to invest your time and resources.

Test like a pro

Don't be limited by the links. Make your links work in favor of your brand. Easily create, change, and test different Call to Action buttons on your own articles or landing pages and learn from your best results.

24SevenSocial got me from being a complete “noob” in marketing, into becoming an expert in Facebook and Instagram marketing. Their professional input both in general and on specific cases always pays off.

Lena Kopf Digital designer & Project Manager

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