Hashtag Manager: Save and Organize Hashtags for all Social Media Channels!

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Say Hello to “Hashtag Manager”: A New Feature to Help You Save and Organize Hashtags for all Social Media Channels!

24SevenSocial team is happy to be launching a new feature “Hashtag Manager”. The tool will help you to save and organize hashtags for a variety of Social Media Channels.

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Over the years, hashtags have become an important part of any Social Media Marketing strategy. By adding hashtags to your content you can help your posts to reach new audiences, boost engagement, and pick up new followers.

However, it is never that simple.

Have you ever wasted your time trying to figure out which hashtags to use? How to save and group them? I did experience that when creating our own Social Media Content plan. Initially, I have started with manually re-typing hashtags every time I have scheduled a post. Later, I have “optimized the process” and started saving hashtag collections on word files on my PC. What a DISASTER!

Not only I had that bad experience, but we’ve started hearing the same from our customers.. and here comes the great news!

In result of your feedback we have created the 24SevenSocial Hashtag Manager!

24SevenPublisher customers will now be able to create and save collections of hashtags directly within the Publisher (which if you still don’t know is forever free product).

The ability to create hashtag collections means you can have numerous groups of hashtags based on different segments of your audience or the target audience of your posts. For example, a bakery brand could have collections for various audience segments:

  • French Bakery
  • Cookies
  • Sweets
  • Bakery


Experimenting with different hashtag variations could be a great way to unlock additional growth on your Social Media Profiles.


First Instagram Comment

Specially designed for Instagram posts, you could easily use the Hashtag Manager to schedule your Hashtag collection to Instagram’s first comment. It is a great approach to keep your post captions tidy and clean 😊 This is a hugely popular strategy across Instagram.


How to get started with Hashtag Manager

Hashtag Manager is now available to all 24SevenSocial Publisher users. To get started, simply open up the Publisher Create Post or open the Calendar and start scheduling your post, then click on “Hashtag Manager”. Clicking on this button will open Hashtag Manager.


Creating a new hashtag collection

You can create a new hashtag collection in just a few clicks. To get started, click the ‘Create Hashtag Collection button.
Enter a name for your collection and add the hashtags you’d like to include. Towards the bottom of the content area, you’ll be able to see how many hashtags you have used, so that you don’t exceed the limit of 30 hashtags per post. Once you’re happy with your hashtags, click Save Hashtag Collection.


Adding a hashtag collection to your first comment

All of your created hashtag collections will appear within Hashtag Manager as you open it up. To add a collection of hashtags to your first comment, just hover over the collection and click on the Ad to first comment button.


You are able to insert multiple collections, but keep an eye on the hashtag counter to make sure you don’t exceed Instagram’s limit of 30 per post.