Facebook Special Ad Categories: Everything You Need To Know

Facebook special ads categories Facebook special ads categories

If you’ve recently used Facebook Ads to create campaigns, you may have noticed the special ad categories section. Facebook made the categories for campaigns that advertise housing, employment, credit, social issues, elections, or politics. To stop discrimination, ads that fall into Facebook’s special ad categories have targeting limitations regarding age, gender, behavior, demographics, interests, and location.

We, at 24SevenSocial, work tirelessly to make your social media management processes as easy as possible. This is why we have included the Facebook special ad categories into the Ads system. Keep in mind that when you choose special ad categories, you will have different limitations on the targeting options. For example, you are not able to use lookalike audiences when running special ad categories campaigns. We worked on developing the option for you to create special audiences. This was done so we can ensure that ads from any of the special categories are following all targeting rules set by Facebook. Another great feature is that when you start setting up your special ad category campaign, you will only be able to select relevant options, thus removing the chance of Facebook rejecting your ads. 

We created an effortless and intuitive way to run your campaigns with special ad categories.

In today’s article, we will introduce you to everything you need to know about Facebook’s special ad categories and how you can use 24SevenSocial Ads to reach a bigger audience.

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Special Ad Categories

It is important to follow Facebook’s advertising policies when creating your campaigns. This is why choosing the right category for your campaign is essential. 

If any of the following are part of your campaign, you must choose the category that best fits your ads: 

– credits;

– political and social issues;

– employment; 

– housing. 

 The special ad categories are there for ads that have to meet certain rules and criteria. These rules protect Facebook users from unfair treatment.

Let’s see what the special ad categories cover and how you can use them for your business. 


You will need to choose “credit” as a special ad category if your ads promote or link directly to credit opportunities. These include:

  • Credit card offers;
  • Car loans;
  • Personal or business loan services;
  • Mortgage loans; 
  • Long-term financing. As well as credit card brand ads, even if there isn’t a specific offer.

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Another type of special ad category is employment. It includes ads that link to or describe job opportunities, such as:

  • Full or part-time jobs;
  • Internships;
  • Professional certificate programs;
  • Advertisements for job sites or job fairs;
  • Ads that talk about what it would be like to work for a certain company, even if there isn’t a specific job offer.



Facebook special ad categories are also available for ads that promote housing opportunities. The special housing category affects the following ads:

  • Homes, condos, apartments, and other types of housing that are for sale or rent;
  • Chances for homeowners or mortgage insurance;
  • Ads promoting home loans;
  • Services for home equity or appraisals;
  • Services for fixing up homes;

Keep in mind that your ad does not belong in this special ad category if it teaches people about their rights when it comes to fair housing practices.

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Last but not least, we have the social issues, elections, or politics special ad category. 

It’s important to know that in order to run ads about social issues, elections or politics, your account must be authorized. This is done because Facebook wants to ensure full transparency of who is paying for the ad. Therefore, any spam activities will be avoided. The social issues, elections, or politics special ad category affects the following: 

  • Ads about a political figure, party, or someone who wants the outcome of a public office election to be a certain way. This includes any election, referendum, or ballot measure, such as political campaigns to get people to vote.
  • Ads about social issues regardless of the target.
  • Social issues are touchy topics that get a lot of attention and debate. They can change the outcome of an election or lead to new or existing laws.  
  • Ads about social issues that try to change people’s minds. This can include starting a conversation or debates. Campaigns for or against something important – like health or civil and social rights also fall into this category. 

Find out more about ads that deal with social issues, politics, or elections.


Here’s how to run campaigns with special ad categories via 24SevenSocial Ads.

You just need to follow a few easy steps to set your next special ad category campaign. 

1.Log into your 24SevenSocial Ads account, navigate to “Ads” and click “Create Ads,” just like you would when creating any other Facebook ad campaign.

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  1. On the first screen, under “Campaign settings,” you’ll be asked if your ad fits into the Facebook Special Ad Category and what kind of ad it is. Simply click on the toggle to choose the suitable category for your ads. 


  1. The rest of the ad creation process is the same as drafting a regular ad. However, you will see a difference when audience targeting is reached. Then, you’ll discover that options for demographic targetings, such as age, gender, and zip code, cannot be chosen. Also, keep in mind that you can run ads on political and social issues only for the country for which your account is authorized. 

When using 24SevenSocial Ads, you have the option to choose your advertising target a bit more precisely to fit your business goals. You can also take advantage of some of the other great targeting options we have stacked up for your convenience. 

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Running campaigns with special ad categories is slightly limited.

This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t reach a lot of people. Using A/B testing to come up with interesting ads and creative ad copy can help you reach a lot of potential customers. Also, you can make your ad reach more people by adjusting your ad placements. Using such strategies will help your special ad category campaigns be more successful. Start your free trial today and see how easy it is to set up and run your special ad categories campaigns with 24SevenSocial Ads.