Analyze and compare results for tailored strategies

Analyze your paid and organic content’s performance and compare it with your competitors.
Learn from your best performing creatives and targeting, focus on the KPIs that matter and make data-based, strategic decisions. All wrapped up in easy to read and understand charts.

Get the full picture

Boost your performance and make better informed business decisions with solid analysis. Keep track of all your connected social profiles in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Save time with a spectrum of customized, user-friendly reporting choices that can help you easily grow your social presence and create better ads.

Gain competitive advantage

Find more opportunities and content potentials by comparing your social efforts to your competitors'. Monitor closely their work and make yours even better. And that’s not the best part as the 24SevenSocial Analytics tool is not just about competitors. Easily set up brands that inspire you and – yes – get inspired.

Impress clients and managers

Create great-looking, customizable and easy to read reports that show how your content and campaigns are performing and share them directly with managers, CEO’s or clients. The best part - they don't need access to our system to see them!

Experiment for success

Monitor how your page is performing and increase your Social Media Performance. Always be in the known of how many people you reach and engage with. Examine each post and ad campaign on all levels (from overall campaign, ad set to single ad type level). Keep track of all your important stats. Seamlessly set up tests to see whether Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your newsletter gives you a better ROI. Focus your efforts on what works.

We use 24SevenSocial for planning and publishing posts, create competitions, answer inquiries from our customers, and get numbers and statistics on it all. We are very happy with both the platform as well as the help we get from 24SevenSocial.

Vibeke Scheel Aubert Web Editor

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