Focus on what's really important with Social Media Automation

Work smarter not harder! Save time and resources and focus on more important tasks with Social Media Automation. Automate ad creation, budgets and even conversations. Whatever your needs are, just set the rules and 24SevenSocial automation will take care of them.

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Automated ads

Minimum efforts for maximum results. With our Feed ads you can automatically create ad campaigns using your web feed. Even better - you can publish hundreds of ad campaigns with just a few clicks. You need to simply upload a CSV file.

Automated budgets

We save you money, time and effort. Optimise your ads’ budget with 24SevenSocial Ads cruise controls - we will automatically switch off the poor performing ads and leave the successful ones running to boost your ROAS.


Automated reputation management

A comment with foul language damaging your brand? Don’t worry! In case you get spammy, unwanted comments you will be notified instantly and we will automatically hide them when needed. Simply list the words you don't wish to see on your social channels and we will handle the rest.


Screen-free weekends

Since we all like to enjoy our days off and holidays, Auto-answer will cover for you. Simply, enable it, set your auto replies and it will take care of your conversations until you’re back.


We use 24SevenSocial for planning and publishing posts, create competitions, answer inquiries from our customers, and get numbers and statistics on it all. We are very happy with both the platform as well as the help we get from 24SevenSocial.

Vibeke Scheel Aubert Web Editor

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