Facebook Ads: Manage Your Social Ads Easily From One Place Pt. 1

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Running Facebook ads is a great way to promote your products and services to a wider audience and reach potential customers. There are, however, lots of changes that happen constantly. The recent roll-out of ODAX is a great example. You can read more about it further down in this article. We understand that the native Meta platform can be slightly confusing at times. This is why we designed 24SevenSocial Ads.

What are the benefits of using the 24SevenSocial system? 

In short, 24SevenSocial Ads is the top tool to manage all your paid social advertising campaigns for Facebook and Instagram from one place.

Managing your Facebook ads on 24SevenSocial will save you valuable time and resources. We designed the platform with you in mind. Our aim is to help you increase your brand’s exposure and campaign results. With 24SevenSocial Ads, you can develop your advertising strategies and track their efficiency. You can boost your most popular organic posts to increase their reach and optimize all your other Facebook ad campaigns with ease. Last but not least, we included the option to create in-depth, easy-to-understand reports to determine the success of your marketing initiatives.

Sounds great, right? 

Get all the “goodies” and necessary updates without confusion. 

As mentioned earlier, Meta launched ODAX earlier this year. 

So what is ODAX

The abbreviation stands for “Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences.” This basically means that Meta redesigned the objective-selection process in Ads Manager. Don’t worry if you still have not seen anything different on your end-the rollout is taking place gradually. 

The most significant shift for marketers is the reduction from 11 to 6 campaign objectives.

When creating a Facebook ad, keep in mind the campaign’s ultimate purpose. Your choice will affect decisions such as optimization and delivery.

facebook ads ODAX

The new Facebook Ads ODAX objectives

Here is a list of the new objectives you will see in your Facebook ads manager:

  • Traffic
  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • App Promotion
  • Leads
  • Sales

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will lose the five remaining objectives. Effectively, it only means that some are being merged together as they serve the same purpose.

facebook ads ODAX

From the image above, we can see that the remaining objectives go under certain categories:  

  • Traffic: This is the objective that remains unchanged.
  • Awareness: Under “Awareness”, we have a combination of “Brand Awareness”, “Reach”, and “Video Views.” 
  • Engagement: This objective combines “Engagement”, “Video Views”, “Messages”, and “Conversions.”
  • App Promotion: This Facebook ads objective is very much the same as what we previously saw for “App Installs.”
  • Leads: Under the ODAX combination of leads, we have “Lead Generation”, “Messages”, and “Conversions.”
  • Sales: Here we have “Conversions”, “Catalog Sales”, and “Store Traffic.”

According to Meta, the overall functionality of Facebook ads will remain the same. This means that you won’t be losing any features, and it doesn’t seem like any are being added either. Simplifying and making the flow more logical and less confusing is the main goal of ODAX.

How to run Facebook Ads via 24SevenSocial Ads?

24SevenSocial lets you manage your paid social campaigns across platforms from one place with just a few simple steps. If you are also running paid social campaigns on Instagram, you can see how to create them here. 

Choose your campaign goal, budget, target audience, and campaign duration. Easily build your ads, check them in the preview window, and then publish your campaign.

Make sure the Facebook ad account and the page you’ll be advertising on are linked to 24SevenSocial before you begin creating your ad campaign.

Facebook ad campaign creation workflow:

Step 1: Navigate to the “create ads” button on the left-hand side of your Dashboard or click on the big button in your top right corner. 

facebook ads 24sevensocialYou then need to choose the correct Facebook ad account and ID, name your campaign, and choose whether you want to create a brand new one or add the ad group to an already existing ad campaign. Lastly, you can select whether your ads belong to the special Facebook ads categories or not. 

facebook ads 24sevensocial

The next step is to choose your campaign objective and conversion location. In this case, we will go with “Sales” and the conversion location will be our website. You are also able to choose Messenger. 

facebook ads 24sevensocial


We have reached Step 4-the creative part. This is where you add your ad copy, visuals, and URLs, and preview your great work. After deciding on a goal for your campaign, you’ll get a quick recap of the options you’ve picked. You can rename your campaign and proceed to create your ads. Simply click on “create new ads” to start.

facebook ads 24sevensocial

The easy way to create your ads

When you get to the creative part of developing your Facebook ads, you will need to ensure you have the correct Facebook page and Instagram account, but you know you can read more about Instagram here, right? After that, you need to select your creative type. We have chosen to use a link for our Facebook ads. 

facebook ads 24sevensocial


Once you select your creative type, you will go to step 6, where you need to put in your ad copy, landing page URL, call to action (CTA), headline, and description. You will also be able to preview your ad. As this is a link ad, we have chosen to keep the image generated by the link itself. You can, however, change it to a different one. Just click on “Browse” and choose your desired image from your ad library or simply upload a new one. 


facebook ads 24sevensocial

The next step is to choose your target group.

The audience you choose for your campaign is key to how successful it may become. This is why you need to select it carefully. 

As you can see, for our example here, we went with very broad targeting. We chose our preferred audience’s location and type, as well as their age. From the audience definition on the right-hand side, we can see a summary of our target group. This is a great tool as it helps advertisers determine whether the audience is too small, too big, or perfect for the campaign’s purpose. We have added a few useful hacks in the tool to give you tips on how to improve your target groups. 

You can also choose your custom audience and also exclude any ones you believe are not right for your Facebook ads campaign. There are many more targeting options for you to choose from. facebook ads 24sevensocial

📌 Learn more about selecting the perfect advertising targeting for your ads

Just before we complete the Facebook ads set-up process, we have two details to fulfill. So, step 8 is choosing your bidding options. From there, you can select whether or not you want to enable Facebook’s campaign budget optimization, which distributes your daily budget towards the most successful ad sets. You need to select your budget and whether this is your daily or lifetime budget. You can also choose how to optimize your ads, i.e., link clicks, impressions, landing page views, and so on. Simply click on the toggles to choose the option that best fits your needs. Set your ad schedule or you can run your ads continuously and you are ready to go to the next step. 

facebook ads 24sevensocial

The final set-up step before you publish your Facebook ads is to select your placement options.

This is essentially where on Facebook you want your ads to show. You can choose device types, meaning desktop, mobile-only or both. As well as this, you can select the platforms—whether your ads will show on Facebook, Instagram, or both. For extra choice, you can also select to target specific mobile device users. This is particularly useful when you run app promotion campaigns.  

facebook ads 24sevensocialOnce you are happy with your campaign, you can proceed to publish it, send it over to your manager for a review, or save it as a draft campaign for later. 


facebook ads 24sevensocialOnce you click on “next,” you will see a summary of your campaign settings, as well as more advanced criteria you can choose from before you go live.

facebook ads 24sevensocial

facebook ads 24sevensocial

facebook ads 24sevensocialYou are now ready to go live. Click on the “go live” button and enjoy the incoming sales or leads. 

facebook ads 24sevensocial


This is how easy it is to run Facebook ads via 24SevenSocial. Don’t wait—start your 14-day free trial today and enjoy all the endless benefits for your business.