Facebook Ads Objective Changes

Hello and welcome to another daily dose of social media news. In today’s post, we will talk you through the Facebook Ads Objectives Changes.

Back in October 2021, Meta announced that we advertisers should expect to see some Facebook Ads Objectives changes in the Spring of 2022. 

According to Meta, the objectives in Ads Manager are being updated with the main aim to assist advertisers to select the one that is most closely connected with the company’s goal. 

Advertisers will be able to pick from six new objectives when they start a new campaign. Campaigns created before the publication of Facebook Ads’ new objectives will stay live and operational. 

Therefore, there will be no need to make any modifications to them. 

👉🏻 What are the Facebook Ads objectives changes?

The objectives are now categorized according to the desired business outcome. Although the names of the objectives have changed, they will still serve the same purposes. Advertisers will still be able to accomplish the same goals and use the same features.

The prior objectives are aligned with the new ones as follows:


Previous objective name New objective name
Brand Awareness Awareness
Reach Awareness
Traffic Traffic
Engagement Engagement
App Installs App Promotion
Video Views Engagement
Lead Generation Leads
Messages Engagement


Conversions Engagement



Catalogue Sales Sales
Store Traffic Sales


❗ Conversion and Events

The majority of objectives now require you to select a conversion location. The conversion location is where your intended business outcome will take place.

You may pick Website, Instant Forms, Messenger, Phone, or App as your conversion location if you build a campaign with a Leads objective. You’ll then choose a conversion event based on the conversion location you’ve chosen. Once your audience has arrived at your conversion location, the conversion event you select will inform Facebook about the action you want your target audience to take.

One thing to keep in mind, according to Facebook is that “not all conversion locations have more than one conversion event option because the conversion event is assumed. For example, if you choose Messenger as your conversion location, you won’t see any conversion event options.” 

Assuming your Leads campaign‘s purpose is to encourage people to contact your company via your website. You should select Website as the conversion location and Contact as the conversion event. While doing so, you will notice that you have other alternative conversion event choices such as Lead, Submit application, and Schedule.

❗ Reporting and Analyzing

The reporting process has remained unchanged. However, because Facebook is now combining targets, the Ads Manager reporting table may show an increase in the uncalculated results. Those are shown as either blank space or as a dash in the campaign tab’s results column. You can hover over the dash to see all the necessary conversion events that have occurred from the selected campaign. You will still be able to view your results from the ad set and ad tab results. Those will be unaffected.

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