How to Boost Your Facebook Sales: Top Tips

Boost Facebook Sales Boost Facebook Sales

Hello and welcome to your daily dose of great social media advertising advice! Today we will share some top tips on how to boost your Facebook sales and increase revenue.

We can clearly state that Facebook can assist your website increase its’ revenue since the platform is still the indisputable king of social media. 80.4% of all eCommerce site referrals come from Facebook. Followed by 10.7% from Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook.

In other words, if you want to boost your sales and increase your revenue, turn to Facebook.

Just like with everything, however, running successful Facebook campaigns will take time. Just as building a lucrative website takes time. We strongly advise you to be realistic about your expectations.

So let’s start with some tips to help you get on the right track and boost your sales through Facebook. 

1. Analyze Your Organization and Customers.

You must always keep your target market in mind while using Facebook as a marketing tool. You may need to use various methods and strategies depending on your audience and company type.

For example, do you run a solely online business, or do you also have a brick-and-mortar location? If you own a small business, you’re typically doing both online and in-person advertising to promote your products and get people to visit your physical store.

If this is the case, and you want more store traffic – then you’d be promoting your business in your local area.

An eCommerce-only website, on the other hand, may advertise to anybody, everywhere. As a result, the methods you use will change.

This also applies to your target audience as well. For instance, advertisement aimed at the younger public is quite different from that for elderly people. 

You must be aware of your target audience’s interests and behaviours to get the best results.

Fortunately, because of Facebook’s big user base, you can create the right audience for your business. This means, your message has a very good chance of reaching the right individual, if done correctly, of course.

2. Use multi-product ads.

Many companies have managed to boost their Facebook sales with the help of carousel ads.

With this innovative ad design, you may display many goods in a single ad, providing your consumers more options, as well as the opportunity to discover something that meets their specific requirements.

How does this help you increase sales?

The carousel option allows you to display different relevant items. This in its turn improves the likelihood of a sale, and you can even use a template to demonstrate the multiple advantages of a single product (remember that people buy benefits).

According to research, conducted by Adobe, businesses who used Carousel advertising had a 50-300% boost in their click-through rates, a 35% decrease in cost per click (due to increased engagement), and a more effective cost per acquisition/ cost per sale.

Best practices when using Facebook carousel ads:

Combine 4-5 goods that each target a specific type of customer. This way the algorithm will work its magic and show the products that best suit your target audience’s needs. 

3. Make Use of Social proof

Social proof is crucial these days. 90% of buyers claim that internet reviews influence their purchase choices. If your company isn’t already well-known, including reviews, social media shout-outs about your products, or testimonials from former consumers is an amazing approach to develop trust.

To put this into perspective, only about 40% of consumers believe in advertisements. It is therefore essential to provide that aspect of trust if you want to boost your sales via Facebook.

4. Include Videos for your Ads and Social

Nowadays, video content is deliberately prioritized by Facebook’s algorithm. Your ad will be considerably more likely to appear in people’s feeds if you use video. Not only that, but the structure is a lot more interesting. According to statistics, almost half of daily Facebook users view videos on the platform every day. Also, customers are far more likely to pause and view a video if it begins playing as soon as they scroll over it.

You can use video content to demonstrate how your products work. Asos, for example, does this to promote their clothing line. You may do something similar if you run a fashion shop. 

Bonus Tip: Tell Your Brand’s Story the Right Way

Consumers are increasingly purchasing from businesses that reflect their beliefs and views on life. It’s easy to understand why brand stories are so powerful when you consider that Facebook is intrinsically a social network. The most important point to keep in mind is that most individuals use Facebook to connect rather than purchase.

While this may seem counterintuitive if your primary goal is to generate and increase sales, it allows you to develop a connection with prospects, making them more inclined to purchase from you.

Research conducted by Facebook and Adaptly found that producing a series of ads that deliver a crucial brand message rather than straight sales enhances overall conversion rates. In one case, the brand observed a startling 87% boost in purchases, according to the report.

Overall, to boost your Facebook sales, reach new prospects, and promote your brand, you need to develop a solid strategy that offers value as well as variety to your audience.

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