24SevenSocial Publisher Team New Update – 2022 edition

Hello and welcome to another dose of “How we at 24SevenSocial make your life easier?”. Today we will introduce you to the newest update and additional feature of our 24SevenSocial Publisher Team

But first, let’s quickly go over what 24SevenSocial’s Publisher Team actually is and of course how you can use it and who would benefit most from it. And then, we will go through our newest and exciting update – and when we say new, we mean “hot and fresh out of the oven” as it happened today. 

We don’t want to keep you waiting, so let’s roll: 

What is 24SevenSocial’s Publisher Team and who can benefit from it? 

“Publisher Team” is one of the greatest features out there, specially designed for bigger enterprises and chains. You can benefit from it no matter the industry you’re in – our clients are already from industries like automotive, retail, large supermarkets and so on. 

We say this because the 24SevenSocial Publisher Team gives you, as a business, the opportunity to work with a large number of social media accounts for both your organic and paid activities. You are able to add and easily manage up to 1000 brands or in other words up to 4000 social media profiles from one place.
Impressive, right?

Each brand you add can consist of four social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) which means you can have 4000 social media channels in total. 

What else?

You can also centralise your posts or have a selection of more local promos, posts and other campaigns. All of this with just a few clicks on one platform. As lovely as it sounds, we are not done yet. 

Within the 24SevenSocial Publisher Team capability, you have an option, called Mapping. The main idea of it is to save you time by helping you create a template of different values you would like to access easily. For example, you can use mappers to set default budgets for your social campaigns. The actual set-up of the Mapping parameters takes a bit of time at first but once completed it will save a ton of your time later. Think of it as the right investment. 

Did we mention that you are also able to customize all the Mapping parameters to suit the needs of your projects? This is another great option that saves you valuable time.

Apart from making it easy to create both organic and paid social posts, you are able to easily set your target groups, location and budgets from your mapper settings

As an example, the Publisher Team feature helped Mestergruppen simplify their social media marketing immensely.
How you may ask?
By using 24SevenSocial Publisher Team Mestergruppen were able to manage all of their 200 pages hassle-free, from just one place and with just a few clicks.

Did we capture your attention already? We sure hope so because we still have one very important feature left to share with you. 

Now it’s time for the Big Update! 

So far, we presented a quick overview of how 24SevenSocial’s Publisher Team can save you lots of time and help you manage a large number of social profiles with only a few clicks. We realised however that there was something missing – so we created it. You now have the option to group your existing Instagram and Twitter profiles, Facebook and LinkedIn pages into segments. You can group your existing pages and profiles to suit your needs. For example, if you have a chain of stores, you may want to group them per location which will help you localise different offers or posts. Furthermore, instead of manually selecting all of your pages you can easily group them together with a few clicks and start sharing your great social content. Sounds exciting, right? 

If you are interested in seeing how our 24SevenSocial Publisher Team tool can help your organisation, do not hesitate to get in touch to request your free demo.