Instagram Direct Messages in Inbox

Instagram is becoming more and more popular. In recent years many businesses turn to the platform to manage their client communication. 

As well as a cultural and social hub, Instagram is a place where people come to find and engage with companies. 90% of Instagram users today follow at least one company.  Instagram Direct Messages play a significant role in businesses thriving to provide a great customer experience. Engaging with companies is becoming increasingly enticing for customers and vital for businesses, whether it’s through story responses, Instagram DMs, or mentions.

This is why we are extremely excited to announce that 24SevenSocial Inbox users are now able to manage all of their Instagram Direct messages from our platform. 

Furthermore, you will oversee all your client communication through the channel, respond, interact, react and never miss a message. Mastering customer success is key for businesses of all shapes and sizes, so don’t keep your Instagram audience waiting.

In order to be able to manage your communication from one place there are a few steps you need to complete:

How can I receive Instagram Direct Messages in my Inbox?

Expect to see a notification pin, prompting you to allow Instagram Direct Message and Story mentions.
It will look like so: 

First, you need to enable the Allow access to Messages option in your Instagram mobile app.

To do so, open your Instagram app and follow the steps below: 

  1. Choose your Instagram Business profile.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Select Privacy.
  4. Scroll down to Messages.
  5. Lastly toggle on the Allow access to Messages option.

Once this is complete, you can go back to your 24SevenSocial Inbox account and confirm whether all the needed Instagram Business accounts have been linked. 

And you are done! 

You will now be able to manage all your Instagram Direct Messages, story mentions and overall client communication from a single place. Enjoy!