Five Steps To Master Customer Success

“Customer success” – a phrase that has a lot of power and is extremely valuable, and important for every business owner. Ultimately, customer success is the art of helping your customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your product or service.
We know how important but sometimes difficult it is to keep up with all the queries, comments and conversations you have with your customers. This is why we would like to introduce you to our super user-friendly, smart and intuitive feature, simply called Inbox


What is Inbox?

24SevenInbox is a new way to communicate with your audience on different social channels – Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. We have used the latest technologies to improve the overall performance and deliver a great experience to our users. It is a tool that not only saves you time and effort but lets you have a collaborative team that can communicate easily and efficiently with your fans and followers. 


What will you find in your Inbox?

As mentioned already, 24SevenInbox was created to make your life easier. Our main aim is to unify your social channels into a single stream where you are able to see all your incoming messages, foster conversations and respond to your audience quickly, without having to leave the platform. So what will you see when you first open your Inbox?

On the left side you will find filter menu folders – Inbox, My tickets, Team tickets, Resolved, My drafts, Team drafts, Scheduled, To review, My reviews and Team reviews. They will be the main points of call for you. Moreover, you are able to rearrange them however suits your needs best. You can also easily create new custom filters for yourself and your team.

With our Filter settings, you are able to enjoy a smarter way of refining the content that is important to you and your team. Furthermore, the Inbox menu is based on predefined filters. Your Feed shows everything that happens in your social media accounts in one place – posts, comments, replies, direct messages and reactions.

There are lots more hidden gems in our Inbox functionality which we will reveal to you in our next articles.

Our main topic today is how you can take advantage of 24SevenInbox to help yourself manage your customer success better. 


Step 1. Use Predefined and Auto answers

Predefined and Auto answers will save you time but at the same time will ensure your customers are happy and satisfied.

24SevenInbox allows you to easily set pre-defined answers to make sure you will be able to accommodate and respond to your customers at any given moment in time, even when you are not working. This is a great tool that will save you valuable time and will ensure your customers are not left waiting for too long. This in its turn increases the response time of your Facebook page and it also looks good in your customers’ eyes. Don’t forget that prompt communication is the key to successful customer relationships and an increase in trust, and sales. 


Step 2. Use of Assignments, Reviews & Collision control

Do you have a team looking after your customer success? If so then this will definitely bring you extra value. With assignments, reviews and collision control you are able to ensure your team is responding to your clients the best possible way and collaborates for successful communication. Last but not least – speed up your work with any of your external partners. 


Step 3. Pick a winner & Snooze

We all know how important giveaways can be. Competitions tend to increase the average comments, direct messages and likes rates but also increase the average number of new customers by over 34%. This is the main reason for the pick a winner and snooze features. Have you ever had to look for a third-party app to help you generate a winner for your social media giveaway? We know this is not a very pleasant experience which is why we created a special feature that allows you to input the number of winners you will have for your giveaway. It will then generate them for you based on a set of criteria – for example, the number of likes, comments and shares.

Another highly useful feature is the Snooze. We all know how many notifications you may get when you run your competition. This is why we thought you may need to hit snooze and concentrate on the other bits of your business.
How does this feature help you increase customer success rate?
It’s easy – you won’t be flooded with constant notifications about the competition you are running. Furthermore, you can focus on all of your other important conversations.


Step 4. Set your own custom filters & tags

24SevenInbox helps you put your communication in order. With the custom filters feature, you can set to monitor, respond and receive notifications for the type of communication which concerns you. For example, if you are the person dealing with customer complaints, you can easily set a filter containing a trigger word – let’s say “complaint”. This means that all the messages that contain the word “complaint” will come to you and you will be able to deal with them in a timely manner. If you also use our advice in step 1 and set auto-replies you won’t miss a single message. 


Step 5. Statistics

As with everything, stats are extremely important. They show you where you stand and how you can improve your game. Among all the benefits from 24SevenInbox, you also receive useful statistics to help you monitor the performance of your team. You can measure their workload as well as your overall customer success rate. Being in the loop of your customer relationship process is vital for your brand so we are here for you. Start your free trial today to easily manage your customer communication across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger!