Top Business Auto Reply Messages to Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Hello and welcome to 24SevenSocial’s blog where we give you tips, tricks and all sorts of useful ideas for your digital channels. Today we will talk about auto-reply messages that can help you boost your customer engagement and overall client satisfaction. If you are interested in improving your customer relationships, you may find our article Five Steps To Master Customer Success very useful. 

Nowadays, customers want immediate responses. From marketing and sales inquiries to customer service requests, 82% to 90% of clients value quick problem resolution.  This is why businesses should consider keeping in contact with clients through automated reply messages. You may ask why? Well, it’s simple – auto-reply messages help with customer communication even when employees are out of the office.

Let’s go over some great auto-reply message examples. We would like to show you how your company can use them across many channels to strengthen your customer service and increase revenue.

What exactly is an auto-reply message?

Auto-reply messages are pre-programmed replies that companies use to interact with their customers. They can be utilised in various situations, providing short updates on what’s going on and what to anticipate next. For instance, if an order is delayed.

Why Should Companies Use Auto Reply Messages?

Using auto-responses has several commercial advantages. Here are some reasons why auto-reply messages are becoming more and more popular.

👉🏻 Transparency.

Customers love when you keep them in the loop, especially if they have a specific question. You are able to provide transparency by using automated responses. By doing this, you will reassure your clients that you have received their message. They will also know that they will get a response once you are back online.

👉🏻 Allows you some peace of mind.

A company should offer updates on an ongoing issue, inquiry or resolution whenever possible. You may provide clients with a live timeline of when you’ll resolve the initial problem using auto-reply messages. This proactive communication set consumer expectations right, which may dissuade them from filing a complaint or writing a negative review of your business.

👉🏻 Keeps customers in the loop.

Customers want to know when a support request will be processed. Making your customers wait for a response or follow-up can be detrimental to a business. You can end the communication loop and improve your brand’s image by getting back to the customer.

👉🏻 Improve Customer satisfaction.

Auto-reply messages tend to improve customer satisfaction quite a lot. This is because the consumer receives an immediate (or near-instant) response, which saves them time waiting for information. Even better, they get actionable information and know what to do or anticipate. This in its turn provides clarity. You need to address your customers’ concerns. This way you will reduce their reservations about doing business with you.

Ensuring your social media channels are engaging is crucial. Let’s take a look at some auto-reply messages you can use for Facebook Messenger: 

Users may observe how fast a company replies to messages on their Facebook page (or via their Facebook Messenger channel).

With Facebook, faster is usually better, but you can’t always be on the app to answer every message. That’s when your pre-programmed Facebook Messenger responses will come in handy. This is where 24SevenSocial Inbox comes in very handy. 

Why?- you may ask. Keep on reading to find out how Inbox helps you take care of your customer relationships. 

One very common auto-reply message is the “How long till we respond?” type of response.

You’ve probably seen this Facebook Messenger message, which appears as an immediate response on many business sites and tells consumers how long they should anticipate waiting for a response. If they need to call or chat with you, an automatic “how long till we respond” message provides some transparency and may assist with trust by ensuring you get a response in a timely manner. It’s a great example of good customer communication. 

❗ Here are some best practices for effective auto-reply messages.

  • 👉🏻 Customize your auto-replies.

Users like customised communications as well; up to 75% of customers choose businesses that provide them with unique offers. Even better, 86% of marketers said their personalisation strategies resulted in quantifiable company development.

  • 👉🏻 Set the right expectations.

Set your auto-reply messages to give your customers an estimate of when they will receive a reply. This way, you can make your customers happier. Set expectations early. Make it clear to your users what they can expect from your brand. Furthermore, offer them some alternatives and then let their preferences drive the dialogue.

  • 👉🏻 Explain the “next step”

Use auto-reply messages to describe the next steps your customers should anticipate. Let them know if they don’t need to do anything. Leave no questions or even potential questions your customers may have, unanswered.

Generally, you should use auto-reply messages to save time while ensuring that you are keeping your customers happy.

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