The All New Insights

Looking for understandable, and well-designed stats for your Facebook Pages?

The new 24SevenSocial Insights gives you the stats you need to understand when you should reach out to your Fans; where your new likes are coming from; and much more. The data can be filtered after whatever time span you want. And you can get stats on the new Facebook reactions: are you getting “wows”,”angrys” or “hearts”?


A lot of this you already have in Facebook Insights. But we dare say that you’ve never seen a more clear and beautiful visual presentation of these stats.

We’re also saving your stats for you, so that you can access historical data. That makes sense two years from now, when you want to compare historically how the Page has evolved. But it can also be 50 years from now – the data will be saved indefinitely. You’re welcome, future generations.

Use 24SevenSocial Insights to get handy stats for all the Facebook Pages where you have admin rights.

PS. You’ll find Insights in the Analyze-section:


Don’t know what we’re talking about?
24SevenSocial Insights is a statistics tool for your Facebook Pages. Anyone with access to 24SevenSocial can connect their Facebook Pages, and get stats on who the fans are, and when they’re online; see if the amount of fans is increasing or decreasing; how fans are reacting to posts, and more.