Smarter Facebook Marketing

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How we make your Facebook marketing and Page management smarter.

We’re on a quest to make the 24SevenSocial Platform smarter. All parts of the platform are taking part in it, 24SevenSocial Ads, Inbox, Insights, Compare,, Planner (beta), Audiencer and Creator. This builds on our ongoing effort to build a system that does parts of the job for you. Digital marketing has become cheaper and more available, but it’s also time consuming. We want to lighten your workload. Now, you’re an intelligent person, so automizing your workflows isn’t done in a day. But here are some steps we’ve taken that we want to make sure you’re aware of.

24SevenSocial automation makes sparks fly

Inbox for Facebook Page Management helps you focus on dialogue with your target audience. The haters, spammers and trolls shouldn’t be taking up your time, and shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the conversations between you and your target audience.

24SevenSocial Inbox lets you blacklist specific words and symbols from your Facebook Page. So if (when) someone shares a post with a word you’ve blacklisted, the post will either be automatically hidden or deleted, and/or you get a notification – all depending on your own settings. The same goes for people you’ve marked as “Troll” with our Troll Control.

The Troll Control is also used as an Ambassador Control, so that when someone you’ve given top rating comments or posts on your Facebook Page, you get automatically notification, so that you’re sure to give them the positive attention they deserve in a timely manner.

Auto-reply helps you when you’re away from Facebook, but want to make sure people who’ve sent you messages, know that the message has been received, and will be answered. Auto-replies can also include the first names of recipients. So a typical auto answer from your Facebook Page can then be “Hi, Donald! Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you shortly.”

Use the common answers for all those questions where your answer is always the same. Less typing in answers = more time for your other To-Dos.

Use the User search to search for specific users in long comments threads. For big companies, having around 1000 comments on certain posts is pretty common. The ability to search for specific users in those 1000 comments is helpful.

Notifications for the automated functionality are sent by email, Facebook Messenger and inside the 24SevenSocial notification system. You can set personal Do Not Disturb times for when you don’t want Messenger notifications, but rather want your colleagues to get them.  

24SevenSocial Facebook Ads applies the same Cruise Control thinking to your work. The goal is for you to spend your Facebook ads budget as effectively as possible – by automatically switching off the ads that don’t work and focusing on the ads that do.

Choose from – and mix – a total of 13 triggers, like Cost per objective, Engagement, Reach, Positive Feedback and Negative Feedback, Likes, Comments, Shares. Then set the rules yourself within an If-this-then-that framework. A nice example is the Engagement campaign you just launched, where you’re bidding for engagement, and want a post to get as many likes, shares and comments as possible. Set the Cruise Control to automatically shut the campaign down and stop the ads spending if you haven’t gotten 10 likes within two hours.

Use 24SevenSocial split testing to split on both creative and target audiences. It’s super easy – we even calculate and auto-split your ads budget for you based on audience sizes.

Smartness without knowledge isn’t very smart. Our recently relaunched tools for Facebook Page Comparison and Facebook Insights aim to provide you with all the insights you need about your own Facebook efforts, as well as about your competitors’.

Get stats on net growth or loss of Facebook fans; see your fans’ reactions to your posts; and do all this in the timely intervals that you need for your reporting. Learn what works for your competitors – such as what gets them more likes than you get – and steal with pride.