Top Reasons ​​You Need A Social Media Management Tool For Your Business Pt. 3

Hello and welcome to your daily dose of social media. Today we will be concluding with our 3 part post about the reasons you need a social media management tool for your business. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

So far we have covered the main benefits you can expect to receive when using a social media management tool. We also introduced you to 24SevenSocial Publisher. Today we will introduce you to the most unique features of 24SevenSocial Publisher.

We will start with the Custom filters on your social media management tool.

The custom filters give you the opportunity to create public posts or target a specific audience based on their region or language. This is useful if your company operates in multiple locations and you want to target different consumers with more customised messaging or creatives. You can also publish your post right away or schedule it for a specific day and time, as well as a specific location.

How do you do this?
It’s very simple – Click “More Options,” pick “Custom,” and filter the results if you wish to define. You can choose from a variety of options, including age, gender, interests, and educational statutes, among others.

Another great feature is that you can check the reach and engagement stats for your most recent posts. This is easily seen on your Dashboard.

Why do you need such a feature for your social media management tool?

Being “in the known” when it comes to your social media posts is very important for your overall strategy. It can help you figure out what works best and how to approach your future social media postings. Knowing how people react to certain posts and content is key to excelling in your organic social media efforts. 

Another fantastic feature you can find when using 24SevenSocial Publisher as your social media management tool is the Calendar View.

You can easily view all of your posts from there, including drafts (both pending approval and approved), scheduled posts, and published articles. By clicking on your calendar, you can keep track of your activities across all platforms.

You can also filter your posts by social network profile. Alternatively, post types, visibility, and draft status. This feature is extremely useful and quite simple to use!


We are not done yet. The option to “Fetch your posts” is another fantastic feature we developed for your convenience.

Fetching your posts will allow you to keep track and manage all of your postings. It’s a terrific option if you want to see a timeline of all your page’s posts. It’s even better if you want to go back by let’s say a year. We didn’t include the metrics for the postings because you can see them on your Dashboard. 

We saved the best for last:

You can now create your most common audience limits. For example, you are able to limit your audience by location or language. You can save your filters on your Publisher settings and have them ready to use in your next posts. All of this can be done ahead of time. But wait, there’s more: you can also build target groups for your news feed based on gender, educational status, age, location, interests, and much more.

We also included Tagged Instagram profile groups.

They are a feature you can find on your 24SevenSocial Publisher account that was designed specifically for Instagram. You can add up to 20 public Instagram profiles to your account, which you can tag in your images. Once you’ve created a group like this, it’ll be much easier to utilize it for future photo posts. How awesome is this? We tried to help you save as much time as possible.

We also introduced a summary feature that you can enjoy using on your social media management tool.

The summary tool gives you the opportunity to quickly track your activity, reach, and engagement. These are the most crucial metrics to keep track of when managing your social media networks. You can quickly create reports and manage your data across all of your accounts and profiles from one central location. Furthermore, this is simply done by filtering the data by social profiles, all types of postings, and dates.

Now that you’ve learned about the most important Publisher features, it’s time to start promoting your social media profiles and achieving your objectives. We created 24SevenSocial Publisher with you in mind, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or recommendations.

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