Schedule and Publish LinkedIn posts via 24SevenSocial

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We are extremely happy to announce that we will end 2020 with a new social media channel integration – LinkedIn publishing. LinkedIn is getting bigger and better and it is the right call to onboard it in 24SevenSocial Platform. As a beginning, you’ll be able to publish posts to the company pages you administer. Let’s dive into the details.

Connecting your LinkedIn company page to 24SevenSocial

In order to connect a LinkedIn page (either a company page, a showcase page, or your personal profile) to your 24SevenSocial account, we’ll need to authenticate through your personal LinkedIn profile that has administrative privileges on the page you want to connect. You should be 100% sure that we won’t access your personal information or publish content on your profile (unless you connect your LinkedIn profile as a separate channel). Keep in mind that it’s not possible to connect LinkedIn groups.

What do you need to do?

1️⃣ Your LinkedIn profile needs to have administrative privileges on the page you’re looking to connect.

2️⃣ In 24SevenSocial, click ⚙ at the upper right corner.

3️⃣ Choose “Team settings” and then click Brands

4️⃣ Click “+ Connect LinkedIn” and then follow the steps.

5️⃣ Then, you’ll have to login with your personal LinkedIn profile that has administrative privileges on the page you want to connect and continue.

6️⃣ Click Allow

7️⃣ Select the company page or your personal profile and click “Add selected profile”.

✅ That’s it. Now you can go to Publisher and post an update to your LinkedIn audience.

How to publish LinkedIn posts in 24SevenSocial Publisher

If you have already completed all the steps mentioned above, then you are ready to start publishing great content on LinkedIn. As a beginning, you’ll be able to publish these types of posts:

  • 📝 Status (text), up to 1300 chars
  • 🖼 Photo, that meets Linkedin-requirements for file size of 5MB max
  • 🔗 Link – which works in the same way as Facebook – you can overwrite the link attributes – picture, title & description.

Depends on your needs, you can decide whether to publish only to Linkedin or in combination with other social channels. You can have a different message for each social media or the same – it’s up to you 🤷‍♂️

👥 If you are wonder who else can publish to your LinkedIn page or profile connected to the team, the answer is simple – all team members, except those with roles set to “collaborators” (they can create drafts).

⚠️ And that’s why we don’t recommend publishing to LinkedIn Personal profiles. Keep in mind 24SevenSocial should not be used for sharing duplicate content to employees’ LinkedIn profiles. Whilst it is technically possible to connect a large number of LinkedIn personal profiles to 24SevenSocial Platform, this is not recommended and can result in issues like account suspension on LinkedIn’s side. If LinkedIn notices that duplicate content is being shared to lots of profiles, they will often suspend those accounts. Suspensions are usually temporary, but will happen over and over again if the behavior continues.