Schedule and Publish Instagram Reels with 24SevenSocial

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Draft, schedule, and publish your Instagram Reels.

If you’ve been following the trends, this is the feature you have really been waiting for – now with 24SevenSocial you can draft, schedule, and publish your Instagram Reels. 🎉🎊🎉

Yes, you read it right – the end of the manual posting is here! Publishing Instagram Reels works like creating and scheduling a normal post. You just have to click on the “Publish video as reel” checkbox and also check “Share reel to feed” if you want the reel to be part of the account’s “Feed tab”. It’s that simple.

schedule instagram reels

Decide when you want to post your Instagram Reel.

As you know, when you schedule you can decide when you want to post your Instagram Reel. If you’re looking for a way to get the most views on Instagram, then consider posting during the best times of day and week. Here are our recommendations:

➖ The best time to post is Monday at 4pm because this time has an average view rate of 8%, which is higher than any other time in the week. You should post at this time if you want more engagement from your fans and followers!

➖ The second best time to post is Wednesday evening around 5pm, which has an average view rate of 7%. This rate means that more people will see what you’re posting on their screens when they check their Instagram feed later in the evening while they’re relaxing after work or away from home during the weekdays (when everyone’s busy).

Want to try it out? Connect your Instagram account to 24SevenSocial, for free.

What are Instagram Reels?

A feature that lets businesses and individuals create longer videos that can be posted on Instagram. The videos can last up to 60 seconds each, which is double the length of regular Instagram Stories and 10 times longer than Snapchat stories!

We hope that you’re as excited about this as we are. 🤩 Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions via our Social channels or e-mail!