When to post on Social Media – your personalised 2022 Cheat Sheet

👑 Content is King 👑 they say – and it’s true – one of the most important things for your online success is the quality content that you present in front of your followers. But no one will remember even the most handsome and well-dressed king, if they don’t see it.

Same is valid for content and Social Media – it does not matter how good, well designed and important your message or article is, if it doesn’t reach enough people and most of your fans don’t see it. But how to beat the algorithms and actually increase the visibility and the reach of your posts? Well, all Social networks have optimal posting times and days. These optimal dates and times depend on the total number of people connected to the network and the level of their engagement. And even though no one can guarantee you full visibility, if you follow the general rules(and experiment with your audience of course) your chances of being seen will be much higher.

👉 Before we give you our Cheat sheet with the best and worst days and time to post for each network, here are some additional tips that may be helpful for your better performance.

During the work week, post at the beginning and the end of each hour. If you are wondering why, here is the answer: The majority of all meetings are scheduled for a specific hour and employees tend to check their social media while entering or leaving the meeting.

Experiment with the worst days for posting – Although there is less traffic during this period, there is also less competition and your posts may end up on the top of your followers’ feeds.

Adjust your posts for the different time zones – if your page is international, experiment with different hours, but also time zones. See exactly when your fans, and of course the algorithm, react best.