Meet the new Creator

Last week I asked Vegard (the modest one of the Eggums) to write a blog post about the new Creator. How the journey until launch has been, what kind of updates it is worth talking about and how he felt after launching our biggest update yet.

Maybe it’s because he’s been working hard and long with the developers, or just because he’s modest – but Vegard chose to write about the new Creator – as the new Creator.

So without further ado, meet the new Creator!


Hi there, I’m the new 24SevenSocial Creator!

Fully responsive and pimped up app builder for Facebook.

Just wanted to say Hello World 2.0 and tell you a bit about myself so you can get to know me better.

I’ve had several improvements to make me better than my “older brother” the Widget Center.

  1. I’m a lot sexier
  2. My “spine” is stronger than my brother’s.
  3. I have a File Manager so I can easily re-use logos etc without needing to upload them over and over again.
  4. I’m responsive, with magic I convert my content so it looks awesome on all platforms
  5. All my widgets are improved, e.g.. I can have several @’s and #’s in my Instagram feed. I can also enable Fans to vote on the images.
  6. I have a Version Manager! This enables me to create and schedule different versions of my campaign (app) to the user-end.
  7. My image galleries are beautiful!
  8. I have Pop-up containers!
  9. I can force Like Gates on all platforms!
  10. I have a great Template gallery where my disciples will keep adding cool stuff. And even my users can easily create their own templates.
  11. My buttons look awesome, so no need for those custom image buttons.
  12. My style settings are super flexible. Users can even go deeper if they are CSS-magicians.
  13. I’m not just a Facebook app builder anymore, iframe me in your website or make a “mobile” only campaign – your choice.

Yes, I know I was flexing a bit here.

But I know this is required of me because my “older brother” has done an amazing job since his birth and has thousands of followers. So in order to make you love me as much – I need to shamelessly brag about myself.

The legacy of “my brother” will be continued and still you can toggle between us.

Play with me?