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Instagram updates your feed

In a recent release, Instagram announces that its feed algorithm will be updated to better reflect what you really care about seeing.

Why are they doing this?
Instagram reports that you currently miss on average more than 70% of your feed. Instagram has grown both in users, and in the amount of pictures and video posted by its users. And on top of that you have the sponsored content. The goal is according to Instagram, that you’ll now see what’s most important and relevant to you, rather than everything that’s in your feed at the time you check your feed. This is the same way that Facebook helps you see what’s most relevant in your newsfeed. It’s based on an algorithm rather than on the time it was posted.

We have room for more followers, hint hint
We have room for more followers, hint hint

For most Facebook pages, the organic reach on Facebook has decreased dramatically over the past years. Meaning that you have to put some money into it if you want to increase your reach. This might be a step in the same direction for Instagram, which as you know, is owned by Facebook, and shares advertising system with Facebook.

Read the full release from Instagram here

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