Can Facebook Groups Help You Grow Your Business

Hello and welcome to today’s post where we will show you how to use Facebook Groups for your business. Facebook Groups are a strong marketing tool that may help you attract new consumers while also retaining existing ones by providing unique content, community, and support.

When it comes to marketing your business, secrecy is sometimes the greatest option. This is essentially what Facebook Groups are. You are able to adopt this method to learn from and interact with your most important clients.

It’s quite easy. On one hand, we are all aware that Facebook’s organic reach is dwindling. On the other hand, 2.9 billion individuals claim to use Facebook at least once a month and about half of them use Facebook Groups. Businesses may use these opt-in communities and groups to get around Facebook’s ruthless news feed algorithm. Ultimately, you are able to engage with audiences that are more likely to view and interact with promoted messages.

Here’s all you need to know about the benefits of having a Facebook Group for your business. Continue reading to learn how to build one and turn it into a vibrant and successful “digital neighbourhood”.

How to create a Facebook group? 

There are a few different ways to build a Facebook group:

  1. From your own PC;
  2. Facebook app on your phone;
  3. From your own personal Facebook account;

We however recommend the fourth way: 4. From your company’s Facebook Page (so that your Page, along with all of your Page’s administrators, is the group’s administrator). This is the best possible option because it gives all current Page administrators access to the group’s management. Customers will also see the administrator’s name, so keep it to your company brand rather than your personal name.

To create your Facebook group, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Go to your company’s Facebook Business Page and log in using an administrator account.

2️⃣ In the left-hand menu, look for Pages. To find it, you may need to click See more and scroll down.

3️⃣ Select the Page for which you want to create a group. Then, under your Page’s menu, select Groups. If you don’t see it, it’s possible that you’ll need to enable the option for groups on your Page. To do so, look at how to add tabs and sections.

4️⃣ Select Create Linked Group from the menu.

5️⃣ Give your group a name and select the level of privacy. It’s also possible to ask others who like your Page to join the group, although this isn’t required.

Congratulations, your group is now live! Don’t forget to fill out the information in the About section.

Top benefits of having a Facebook Group for your business

  • 👉🏻 Boost your organic traffic.

Your Facebook Page’s organic reach may be about 5%, but your business group’s reach will be far larger. In a user’s newsfeed, Facebook emphasizes posts from groups, so you have a good chance of being seen, especially when compared to your Page postings.

  • 👉🏻 Create long-term, lasting consumer relationships.

If you think about it, people who are interested in your business, brand, product or service will be the ones who will join your Facebook Group. With the unique access to your company that those people are presented with, as well as specific material or privileges, you may solidify and improve the overall customer relationship.

  • 👉🏻 Get useful market research information.

Where else can you obtain direct access to your target audience and have your questions answered by real consumers? That’s right, your own business Facebook Group. 

You will gain a lot of information from being able to try new techniques and ideas in this small “focus group”. Furthermore, your fans will appreciate being “in the know” as a bonus. This in its turn will solidify your relationship with your customers even more.

Tips for successful Business Facebook Group marketing

➖ Make sure there is a clear code of conduct, also known as rules, in place.

This is a great concept for any group, but particularly for one that represents your company. In your group’s settings, you may add up to ten rules. Basic rules, such as urging members to be courteous or encouraging good tone discussions, may be included in your Facebook Group rule. You can also put specialized restrictions, such as requesting users not to mention rivals or their goods.

You are able to set the tone of the group’s rules by declaring them up front. Rules can encourage desired conduct while discouraging undesirable activity, such as spamming. If you need to delete or ban a member, the rules provide you with something to refer to.

➖ Post regular content, welcome messages and announcements

As tempting as it may be to let individuals discuss between themselves, it is important to join in on conversations on a regular basis. For example, a weekly welcome message will help new members feel more at ease. Make crucial announcements for product or services launches or special events for your group members ahead of time.

➖ Engage with you members. 

It’s crucial that you stay connected to your “fanbase”. Being able to engage with them but also let them lead the conversation is extremely important so you can successfully build a strong community. Offer high-value content, exclusive news and updates. Make the members of your group feel special. It is your responsibility to keep the group focused, on task, and courteous. But don’t attempt to exert too much control. Encourage members to strike up dialogues and feel free to share their minds.

Whatever you do, make sure you do it with your brand in mind. 

As mentioned Facebook Groups are a great tool to utilize for your business and if done right, your brand could go a long way. Furthermore, you could also improve your customer relationship and this is what we are all aiming at – happy clients. 

Well, folks, this was all for today’s post on using Facebook Groups for your business successfully. Don’t forget to add our blog to your bookmarks, so you stay up to date with all the social media news, tips and tricks.