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Welcome to Inbox 2.0

As one of our teammates once said, “Inbox for Facebook Page Management helps you focus on dialogue with your target audience. The haters, spammers and trolls shouldn’t be taking up your time, and shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the conversations between you and your target audience”. We took this statement very seriously and the time has finally come to tell you the good news!

Our team has been working hard for months to streamline the update which has just landed –
Inbox v.2 – the tool for smart and effective community management

Тhe new Inbox module gives you a new way to communicate with your audience in different social channels at the same time. Besides the new look and feel, 24SevenSocial’s team is using the latest technology trends to improve the working performance. Now you have the chance to enjoy a smarter and faster way to refine the content that is important to you and your team!

Why do you need a solution tool like this?

  • See everything in one place – “One feed to rule them all!” The highlight is on one feed that includes all the content coming from your audience. You will feel the difference right after you log in. The navigation is as smooth and easy as it would ever be. It saves you lots of time and makes you more productive than ever.
  • Assign work tasks to teammates – take control of incoming communication yourself or delegate it to colleagues with a few clicks.
  • Automation – with lots of automation Inbox is a great social CRM tool to help secure your brand from trolls and storms. Read about it more thoroughly in the “In depth details” section further below.
  • Cutting off the room for errors – separate your personal Facebook and professional one. You will experience no more liking and updating as a Page, and posting client stuff from your own personal Facebook user.

Using Inbox v.2 lowers the possibilities for errors and makes your online life way more comfortable.

Want to know more? Keep on reading and get familiar with all the details about the new Inbox v.2. 

Four important building blocks of the new Inbox

  • Inbox – Inbox is the feed with all unhandled work and shows everything that happens in your social media accounts in one place – user posts, comments, replies, direct messages, etc; and the main focus is on the content from your audience – comments, messages, replies, and not like in the old Inbox, where the page post was the leading main element.
  • My tickets – Tickets are basically all items in your Inbox; they could be user posts, comments, replies, direct messages from Facebook and comments from Instagram (we are working on even more social channels to come). A ticket could be a single item of just one post, comment, reply or direct message or a smart group of more than one comments, replies or direct messages. Smart groups does not blend tickets types i.e. they contain just Facebook comments or just Facebook replies to comments, etc. By clicking on My tickets you will find all tickets that have been assigned to you – by other team members, by you, or by CC (cruise control). The view is the same as in the Inbox – you have feed and thread. You can re-assign tickets to other team members, or resolve the tickets. When you want to hide or delete anything from ‘My tickets’ folder, the ticket will move to the ‘Resolved’ folder, if you need it later.
  • Team tickets – Team tickets is a filter folder where you could see all tickets assigned to other members of your team. The name of the assignee is also displayed. You can resolve or assign the ticket to yourself or re-assign to another member.
  • Resolved – This is where all resolved tickets are stored – those resolved by you, by other team members or by CC (cruise control), including hidden and deleted ones. Resolved is the place where you can find all tickets for later reference, or if you want to reopen and continue working on them.


Let’s talk more about “Filters” section

Filters, everything you need to know
Filters are a smart way to moderate your Feed according to your style of work and needs. In addition to the default ones, you could set up your own, switching on and off filtering conditions to fit your needs completely. Modifying the filter options will dynamically load matching content in your Feed, allowing you to find exactly the items you are interested in. And you could always go back to the default ones, displayed as menu items.

  • Brandswhen you click on “Filters“, all the pages you manage will pop up under one category – “brands”. Many options will follow – you could choose what to see or not. For example you can set the preferences for one page or for as many as you manage. We took care of everything you need, from user posts, comments, replies and direct messages coming from your connected social media accounts. When you select one of the tickets in the feed you will see all of its elements, displayed in detail in the thread. You could set to see them apart or customize it the way to see the information at one place. If you manage two or more fan pages you can put all the actions you have done in category we called “Resolved“. Thus we tried to make our customers lives a little bit less frustrating.
  • Item state – to make things even better we have developed “item state” which allows you to see if what has been deleted, hidden or if the actions you have done are public or not. For instance, if you have CC (cruise control) for hiding comments and you want to see all hidden comments for a specific period, well, you’ll be able to do that now.
  • The assign option – the “Inbox v.2” is as suitable for single players as it is for big social media teams. We have designed it this way to have options for assigning the tasks for the different members of the team. Hence, the manager can assign the responsibility to specific teams, specific team members or leave it unassigned.


The new and powerful Statistics are here

The new statistics board is an option we want to emphasize on. It took a while to make it happen but now they are more powerful than ever! One of the reasons why, is that the information now is in real time! You are able to keep track of both your teams and personal work within your Inbox. Based on our research and your feedback the info is divided in three main categories:

  • Brand
  • Team
  • Personal performance

With just few clicks you can check out the stats you want for periods specifically chosen by you and your needs. For example, if you are the team leader of the group, you could track your team member’s performance by switching between teams. In case you want some more detailed info, just hovering above each label will give you the knowledge about each metric you need. It’s more like Google Analytics inside your Inbox, the design, the depth of information and the accuracy.

Rating as a powerful option
Other great tweak for you is that you can rate everything you want. And by that we mean rating of customers who left replies and ones that commented posts on your page. And that’s not all: you can rate conversations and Inbox messages. The rating is based on the 1 to 5 star system so you can distinguish the participants based on your own criteria. Rating is perfect for taking automated actions when further communication from the same user occurs.


In-depth details about the new Inbox v.2
Do more within the tool

From setting a predefined answers using the CC (cruise control option) which saves you huge amounts of time, to tracking of the team work, statistics, searching, adding notes and even downloading of the posts activity. Read more here:

  • Automation – you could find “cruise control”, “predefined answers” and “blacklist” setup in “Settings”. Every setting you have done in the previous Inbox will be migrated from your settings, so you don’t have to worry about anything. For the predefined automatic answers, go to the cruise control and set them up based on your desire. These automatic answers could be typical “Thanks for contacting us. We’ll get back to you shortly” or something more elaborative like “Thanks for contacting us. We are aware of your troubles and we have taken your concern as our highest priority!” This is a little nod that shows people that you appreciate the fact they are contacting you, and that you will do your utmost to help them, even though you’re busy right now.
  • In-depth info about the users – if you want to know something more about the user who is interacting with your Facebook page you can go to their name or profile picture which would evoke a ‘User details’ sliding panel, where you can find the most essential information about the user, log of their actions and internal messages. There is also an option that lets you gather information about previous user interaction and activities with your page and easily keep track of your common history. Internal messages will help you take notes and mark events for the user, useful for other team members or to remember something important about your follower.
  • Messaging – in the busy life of the social media manager to keep notes is one of the crucial things of success. One of the crucial success factors in the busy life of the social media manager is to keep notes. We are highly aware of that fact and took it into consideration, of course. Above each element (comment, reply, direct message) in the Thread there is a little envelope: internal message. When there is a need of some additional info about the selected item, just click on the envelope. Write it down and that way you are going to leave a note which is be visible only inside your team.
  • Search – in case you need to find something fast, you can use our search option located above your “feed”. Just put the keyword and the results will be displayed in the Feed. If a smart group contains multiple items with the searched keyword you will see an indication. The search operates based on your applied filters and in the current folder you conduct the search itself.
  • Download the data you need – basically, if you have the need or desire to download any or every post’s activity, now you can.. You are able do it from the three vertical dots on the preferred post(s) and select ‘Download activity’ from the menu that appears. Nice and easy, isn’t it!
  • “Pick a winner” option – this is one more thing we’ve transferred from the old Inbox. If you are running a competition and you want to pick a winner – just open the post in the Thread view and click on the three vertical dots to bring up the post menu. Choose “Pick a winner”. In the dialog box select how many winners you want to pick from comments and replies and select matching criteria.
  • Yes, we are responsive – of course you can use “Inbox” v2 everywhere and on any mobile device. It’s entirely responsive!  

So, readers, if you managed to read everything above you know that the best is yet to come. Our main goal is always to make 24SevenSocial better as well as to keep our customers satisfied. After all the aim is to make work easier, faster and more comfortable.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments 🙂