Inbox evolved for you

We are delighted to present to you the evolved Inbox and its new features – Drafts, Reviews and Scheduled responses – 3 steps to better structure your social communication.

You’ve already seen them in the Inbox menu: My drafts, Scheduled, To review, My reviews and Team reviews. The new additions give you broader tools, ease your efforts and let you focus on creating a positive experience for your audience. They intend to make your workflow more precise, flexible and to boost your teamwork.

Here are the recent additions to the Inbox module and how to use them.

Let’s start with the Drafts.

Drafts are the safety net that lets you refine the responses to your fans.

They give you more flexibility in everyday communication with your fans and followers.

They will help you to start your day relaxed – draft some responses to overnight tickets and go grab a coffee. Enjoy your cup and come back to polish, finish and send drafted responses.

Night owls will also find them useful. They will be happy to draft some responses before dinner, game night or before bedtime and publish them in the morning.

How to create a draft?

There are two options:

  • Use the button ‘Draft’ that you will find on every ticket in the Thread
  • Or click Comment/Reply and the arrow on the blue button to select ‘Save as draft’ from the menu and save the response as a draft.

The draft will go to ‘My drafts’ and will stay there.

Go back to it when you want to edit, publish, schedule, send it for review or delete it.

Have in mind that drafts are personal and your teammates cannot see them. If you want others to check your draft response before publishing, schedule it or send it for review.

And to continue with Reviews

One of the most wanted, needed and requested features that we are pleased to introduce to you. A nifty and delightful tool to ease your teamwork and boost your productivity. From the very beginning, we’ve aimed at creating a feature that will fulfill your needs.

It’s never been so easy for the Inbox users to collaborate. Even those who don’t work with the Inbox could take part in the community management processes.

You can draft responses and send them for review to anyone – to the Sales team, to the Logistics, to the Management, etc.

How to create a response for review?

There are two possible ways to create and send a response for review:

Option 1:

  • Start by entering a text/image/predefined answer in the input field of comment/reply/direct message/draft
  • When you’re happy with the created content, click the arrow on the blue button.
  • Select ‘Send for review’
  • Choose internal and/or external reviewers and send them the response for review. Additionally, you can add a note/message to the reviewers to bring more clarity to your response.

Option 2:

  • Select a draft from the ‘My drafts’ folder.
  • Click ‘Send for review’ and follow the steps.

Where to find them?

  • After you send a response for review, reviewer(s) will find it in their ‘To review’ folder
  • You will find it in your ‘My reviews’ folder
  • All responses sent for review are available in the ‘Team reviews’ folder, including those sent by you and sent to you

How to review?

  • When you receive a response for review, you will find it in your ‘To review’ folder.
  • Then click on ‘Review’ button and make your decision by pressing ‘Decline’ or ‘Accept’ button
  • Optionally you can write a review note to the author of the response
  • Finally, click ‘Send feedback’ and this is it

Where to find the feedback?

You can check the feedback in any of the folders ‘To review’, ‘My reviews’ or ‘Team reviews’.

In the Thread, you will see 👁 icon. Click on it and a slide panel will show-up. Here is the complete review log. You can find all of the reviewer’s names and feedback..

A sweet candy you’ll find here is that you can review the response directly from this panel (if you’re part of the reviewers, of course 😉 ).

What to do after?

Each response sent for review could be edited, resend for review, published, scheduled or deleted. It’s up to you what further actions you would take. One is for sure – reviews will strengthen your workflow and your relation with fans, followers, team members, and stakeholders.

Let’s move on to Schedule

This option comes quite handy if you check the Inbox 24/7.

Scheduled responses are here to let you plan things that you need to do and to choose the time to do it.

You are able to schedule your responses and to set them for publishing within your working hours.

Keep up the communication with your fans and followers. Schedule a follow-up response for publishing in the chosen time in the future.


A customer asks about where to find a used car, up to 7 years old, with an automatic gearbox.

You reply with a link to such cars list, then schedule a follow-up message to ask if the client found what they were looking for, or if they needed further help.

Of course, those are examples and you can have a million other reasons to use the feature.
But the more important question here is ‘How to use it?’

It’s simple!

  • Choose comment, reply or direct message and write a response or draft
  • Enter the content in the input field
  • Click the arrow on the blue button
  • Select ‘Schedule’
  • Select the date and time for publishing from the calendar
  • Click ‘Set’

And call it a day!

One day with Drafts, Reviews and Scheduled responses

You’re probably not going to need all the new additions all the time. But when you do, here is how your day going to look like.

  • You enter the office, say ‘Hello’ to your teammates and crash on your desk.
  • When you log in to 24SevenSocial platform and open the Inbox a dozen tickets are waiting for you.
  • You draft responses to the urgent ones and go make a cup of coffee and catch up with your colleagues.
  • Later, you edit the drafts and send them for review to external and internal reviewers – people in Sales and Marketing.
  • During the day you receive enough feedback. Schedule the responses for publishing the next morning before you leave the office.

In conclusion, getting your work done in the Inbox just got easier. Those new awesome features make collaboration much better.

However your workflow is structured, we believe we’ve made it more comfortable and flexible, allowing for finer control over the communication process with your fans and followers.

More to come soon. Meanwhile, we’d love to hear from you and to know about your experience with 24SevenSocial.