March will be blooming and blossoming with Inbox brand-new features 🌷

You know the saying: ‘Great minds think alike’. We can extend this to ‘Sometimes great teammates act alike in the Inbox module’ – and this might lead to some bumps. And by bumps, we mean that in the past it has happened for two or more team members to type and post response simultaneously on the same comment, reply or direct messages. Quite annoying, eh?

Yes, for sure. This is why we can’t hide how happy and excited we are to announce that chances for this to happen again are barely minimal.

We’ve dedicated our efforts to release a bunch of solutions that will give you an excellent overview of what’s happening in Inbox and who is doing what.

How? Keep on reading, keep on reading.

Typing and Responding Indicator

Yes. This is exactly what you think it is. From now on you will know when someone from your team is responding on a ticket or typing a response to a comment or to reply. When you scroll in the Thread view, a little indication with a team member/s profile pic will appear together with active (for typing) or static (for responding) three dots.

Why we make a difference between typing and responding and what each of them means?

A typing indicator will appear when someone is actively typing in the input field of the comment or reply.

A responding indicator will appear when someone has clicked in the input field but doesn’t type. They might browse for an image to insert in the reply, or are looking in the list with predefined answers, or are in the next room to discuss something with the Logistics department before finishing their answer.

This way you will have a better overview of what is happening with the answer to this urgent ticket and be calm that someone is working on it.

Hint for existing response

We’ve all been there – comments and replies flow is so overwhelming that you don’t see that other team member has already posted a response to the same comment or reply you are answering now.
So, to avoid those situations we’ve added a little hint message in the input field to inform you that there is a page response to this comment or reply. And even better – the hint is clickable and you can immediately see what is the previous response. It will appear only when you click the input field. If there is a page response, then you will see the hint.

In addition to the hint, a little dialogue box will appear when you try to post right after other comment or reply was published by an admin. This is an extra assurance that you will never duplicate your page responses again.

Indication on admin items

To wrap everything up the last new addition is coming. If you missed the live action, you still will be informed which team member has posted the comment, reply, admin or promoted post. Know who responded on behalf of your Facebook page or Instagram business profile in 24SevenSocial platform, so that all team members have a better overview of what happens in the Inbox module, be informed who took an action on a ticket and make it easy for you to take decisions to who to assign new tickets.

With these new additions, we hope that your days with Inbox will be breezier and the interaction with your community will blossom out. Additionally, we’re hard at work developing these features for direct messages and you will enjoy them very soon. Stay tuned!