How To Add a Link in Bio on Instagram and TikTok to Drive More Traffic

Have you ever seen or heard the phrase “follow the link in bio” from content creators? The phrase is usually used to remind the audience that they can learn more about the topic by clicking the URL, also known as a link, in their bio. So why is ‘link in bio’ so important? Why do people use it so often? How is it done and should you also use it for your business.

Jeez! That’s a lot of questions to go through, we better get started. 


Why is having a link in your Instagram and TikTok bio important?

Let’s start by saying that Instagram and TikTok are the most popular platforms out there. You can come across the “follow the link in bio” phrase mainly on those two platforms. This is because the bio of an Instagram or TikTok accounts pretty much serves as the “about you” section on your website or portfolio. 

The reason why it’s so important to specify there is a link in your bio, especially if your account has less than 10,000 followers, is because this is the only way for you to organically bring them to your site.
Side note: Links can only be added to Instagram Stories by accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

We have noticed that most creators or businesses usually use their Instagram and TikTok bio links to send people to either their or their partner’s website, online shop, blog post, product page or another social media profile. Sometimes it’s even all of those (by using third-party multi-link builders or a specific landing page). We will go into further detail on the multi-link in bio option further down. 


How to add a link to your Instagram bio? 

Adding a link to your Instagram bio is a very simple process that only takes a few steps to complete. The first step is to press the “Edit Profile” on your main Instagram screen, as shown below: 









Source: Instagram

Then, you simply need to enter the link you want to promote in the ‘Website’ box.





Source: Instagram


The final step is to Click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of your profile page.









Source: Instagram

And, et voila, you’ve added the desired link to your Instagram bio.

This was easy, right?

Let’s see how to put a link in your TikTok bio now. 

The process of adding links in your bio on TikTok is very similar to what we just did with Instagram. The only difference is that at the moment most users need to own a Business account to add a link to their bio.

In case your TikTok account is a Creator’s one, it’s possible you won’t have access to the link in bio feature. If this is the case, you would need to switch your current Creator account to a Business one. Worry not – this is quite a simple process (only takes about four clicks). To change your account to the business you need to:

1. Click on the menu icon:













Source: TikTok


  1. Tap on “Settings and privacy”









Source: TikTok


  1. Choose “Manage Account”, which should be the first option from the list. 



















Source: TikTok

  1. Lastly, select the ‘Switch to Business Account’ option.















Source: TikTok


Great! Now, this is done, let’s add our link in bio for TikTok.


  • Navigate to “Edit profile” 












Source: TikTok

  • Click on the “Add your website” part and add the link you want your visitors to be directed to.








Source: TikTok

  • Save the profile changes and enjoy your TikTok link in bio.

Please note that you are only able to add one link in both your Instagram and TikTok bios. BUT, earlier on we mentioned there was a hack that allows you to add more than a single URL in this sacred space of your social profile. This hack is known as “multi links” in bio, or at least that’s what we call it.

So how to build and post multi-link in your Instagram or TikTok bio?

Multi links in bio allow you to point your audience to various sources of your choice, which is a great option. 

What you can do is simply construct a landing page with all of the links you want to promote. You then add the link in your Instagram or TikTok bio. 

Don’t worry if you find this a bit too complicated. Why? Well, friends, because there are a lot of different multi-link tools you can choose from, for example, Linktree. The best thing is that most of such tools are free. 

Bonus tips

Here are a few tips to help you drive more traffic to your website: 

  1. Highlight your most important links.
  2. Increase the overall value of the content you produce.
  3. Align the links you add to your bio with your goals.

We are looking forward to seeing your links in bio. Don’t forget to follow us for more practical tips and tricks to improve your social media presence.