Free media listening for all 24SevenSocial-customers

We’re now offering all our clients free media listening. The goal is to give you more control over what’s being said and written about your brand and your products, as well as about your competitors and the market you operate in.

– The explosion of info in online news and in social media has made media listening tools essential for marketers and communicators, says Thomas Moen, our Chief Brand Officer, and one of Norway’s foremost experts on blogging. – In today’s media landscape everyone’s a journalist and everyone’s a critic, and you have to monitor what’s being said about you. 

24SevenSocial Listen is a collaboration with 24SevenSocial and Lissly. The two systems are linked together, which allows 24SevenSocial customers to access 24SevenSocial Listen directly from their 24SevenSocial account.  

Check out our useful Get Started Guide here.

Professional listening tools have long been for the companies with the thickest wallets. Technology has now come so far that these types of tools should be neither expensive nor complicated. 24SevenSocial Listen is our way of giving you eyes and ears in the media landscape.

We recently gave you 24SevenSocial Monitor as a means to measure your social media presence. 24SevenSocial Listen is the next step, and lets you set up keywords that are monitored in blogs, social networks and online news sources. We’ll send you timely reports that’ll give you insights such as is there a discussion about your brand, and is there an increased awareness about your product category.

We listen to the following sources:

  • Blogs
  • Discussion forums
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Most online news sources

…and give you:

  • Direct links to the post, tweet, blog etc
  • Top mentioners. The most active users.
  • Most used words related to your search.
  • Trends -and much more.

All of our customers now get three keywords at no extra cost. This is now available in your usual 24SevenSocial Dashboard. Send us an email at with “Listen” as heading if you want help getting you started.

-Oh, and if you’re not a 24SevenSocial-customer, we’re more than happy to give you a demo