Top Reasons ​​You Need A Social Media Management Tool For Your Business Pt. 2

Hello and welcome to social media land. We will carry on with our social media management tool topic. If you missed the first article about the main benefits of using such tools for your business, do not hesitate to read more about it here.
Today we will walk you through 24SevenSocial Publisher and show you how to use it best to your advantage.

Without further ado, let’s start by creating your very first post using 24SevenSocial Publisher.

You’ll see how simple and intuitive it is. The sweetest thing is that you don’t need any special skills or superpowers, though it’s great if you already have some.

👉🏻 Click the ‘CREATE POST’ button. You will find it on the top right section of your Published dashboard.

Choose one or more social media profiles where you’d like your post to be published. Depending on the post type you want to publish you can either add a single image or multiple photos. You can also show a link from your site, publish videos or just a status update. Oh, and let’s not forget about one of our favourite features – scheduling. 

🔥 Why do you need to schedule your posts? 🔥

Scheduling is the easiest way for you to manage your social platforms and ensure your posts will always be on time. This way you will build an expectation in your audience and by delivering you will increase your overall engagement. Being consistent will also get the algorithms to work in your favour. 

Going back to your first post. When creating a photo post, all you have to do is upload your chosen image to the system. To do so, go to our File Manager and click on browse to upload a new image or choose an already posted photo.
After that, you’ll be able to utilize the free image editing tool to make sure your image is A) the perfect size; B) adjusted and edited in a way that you think best represents your brand and business. Last but not least, aim to post images that look great when published.

Oh, and did we mention that once you’ve uploaded your files to the system, you’ll be able to readily access them later if you want to repost or update them?

Yes, you can! And this is another great feature you get with 24SevenSocial Publisher

You are ready to write your post now that you have modified your image. It’s usually a good idea to have a catchy headline for your content. Don’t forget to include some fun and colourful emojis to make it even more interesting. Making a post sound and look more personal is always a good idea. You can also include geographical information in your material to reach a wider audience. This is an efficient approach to increase your online visibility.
In fact, geotagged posts receive 79% greater engagement, according to studies.

👉🏻 This brings us to another fantastic feature. 

🔥 “Add the first comment”
Another great option you can take advantage of with 24SevenSocial Publisher is “add the first comment”. This is only accessible for Instagram and makes your posts much more optimized. This means your descriptions may be as long as you want them to be, and you can publish all of your hashtags in one comment. This optimizes your Instagram posts and may boost their overall performance. You can quickly save a draft of your future post, examine it later, update it, and publish it when you have the time.

🔥 Collaborate easily with your team

Another fantastic feature of 24SevenSocial Publisher as a social media management tool is how easy it is to share drafts with coworkers, managers, or clients so that you can collaborate on developing the most engaging content and posts for your audience. After you’ve finished composing your article, simply click “submit for review,” where you may enter the email address of the person or people you want to see it, choose a subject, and construct a little message.

It’s also useful that you can be notified when someone reviews one of your generated posts via email or internal notice. You can also select to receive a notification only when all of the recipients have provided feedback; they can accept or deny each of your posts, leave comments, flag mistakes, or reschedule them. You may also copy the URL to the post review and send it to a member of your team through a chat app or messenger.

This 24SevenSocial feature is the simplest and most interesting method to engage with your coworkers as a team, receive feedback from your management, and utilize it to better your social media efforts! This will also save you time by preventing endless email chains and missing revisions. If you send drafts for review on a regular basis, save the emails to your address book to avoid errors when entering their email address.

Simply add the contacts to your address book by going to your settings:
Personal settings -> Address book. Simply select the recipients from your 24SevenSocial address book the next time you write a post review.

You’re ready to go live once you’ve finished writing and reviewing your article. You need to hit the publish button, and your post will be sent to your fans and followers!

🔥 Share links

Link sharing is also available with the 24SevenSocia Publisher. You may fully control and alter the image, title, and description of your link post with our URL shortener service. Create a new post, select Link as the post type, paste the URL of the, and click the “Shrink” button.

Click the “open URL Shortener” option if you want to change your link post. If you want to make the link more interesting and appealing to your audience, you may now make changes. This will significantly increase the amount of engagement and traffic to your posts and website. Simply add a nice photo, a snappy title, and a clickable description – this 24SevenSocial feature will make your social game stand out!

You can also use our URL Shortener to track, measure, and compare the success of your short link.

You’ll be sent back to your post maker after clicking save. The article preview will be updated with your modifications if you click the refresh button next to your short link.

You can also include a Call To Action in your Facebook link updates. Call to action buttons is critical for informing your target audience of what you want them to accomplish.

Well, folks, we have reached the end of the second part of our post. Stay tuned for the last, third part of our social media management tool sequence. We have saved the best for last – we will introduce you to the unique features of 24SevenSocial Publisher.