Samsung Christmas Calendar Slot Machine – case study

Sharing is caring, so here’s a quick summary of a campaign we did with Samsung Norway this Christmas. Here’s why you should keep reading:

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327.627 app invites were sent out by participants to recruit friends to join in. 1.1 million spins were done, and Samsung Norway’s Facebook Page got 25.000 new fans. Samsung also got more than 80.000 signups for their email list. If you do any kind of digital marketing, that last number should make you really excited.


Now, what did we do?
We created a Christmas calendar slot machine, where all participants got 2 new spins every day. Winners were randomly selected based on three matching Samsung Products. Three Samsung Tablets in a row in the slot machine? Waa waa wee wah – you won a Samsung TV. One prize was given away each day, and if you didn’t win on your 2 daily spins, you could recruit friends to play, which got you 2 new spins for each friend who played. At the very beginning of the contest – at the landing page – was a fan-gate (also called like-gate), which made non-likers of the Page like the Page to see the contest. Very effective. Often debated, but very effective.


What Samsung thought:
”The campaign exceeded our goals, and created a huge visibility for Samsung during one of the most important sales period of the year”.
Kjetil Branaes, Social Media Manager, Samsung Norway.


The slightly geekier version of what we did:
The recruiting was done with Facebook app requests, and to comply with Facebook’s policies, a recruitment was only fulfilled once a friend who had received your app request (invitation) actually logged into the app and started playing. To be able to identify contestants, and to limit the potential of cheating attempts – which you should always strive to (I’ve said it before, but even your Facebook-loving aunt turns into a prodigy hacker when faced with contests like this one) we made all contestants log in with basic Facebook login. To not exclude those few individuals who are still allergic to logins we included an extra chance to win by submitting your email address into a draw done on Christmas Eve.


Still reading? Nice!
Here’s a video that sums it all up:

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