Matalan Counting Down To Christmas With Their Fans

The time before christmas is an interesting time for marketers. On one hand – consumers are in a “shopping” state of mind, looking for potential presents to surprise their family and friends with. On the other hand – most brands are competing for the same audience. So what happens when brand x wants to catch the attention of their audience, they have to take in consideration that brand y wants a piece of that cake as well. This means organic reach drops during christmas-time. Then it’s a perfect moment to engage your fans in ways outside the newsfeed. You can say that the newsfeed is like a battlefield during before christmas – and you want your fans to gather in a safe place, surrounded by your brand. Enter the interactive advent-calendar.

Key numbers

Their story

Matalan is a large retail brand in the UK with 217 stores across the country.  They are a popular high street brand with a large retail presence and online catalogue website. (


Their Goal

Keeping their fans engaged in a time where the newsfeed is a battlefield.

Instead of fighting for customers attention by shouting in the newsfeed -Matalan and their Manchester based agency iProspect, worked together to engage their fans on a new level. By doing this, they would be able to showcase their brand in a relevant context, and in the longer run, imprint their brand in their customers subconsciousness.

Their Solution

Advent calendar on Facebook.

Together with iProspect, Matalan set up a advent calendar on Facebook. It works by having all hatches locked until the actual day in December. Each hatch included a special quiz – and kept users returning to answer more questions to be even more eligible to win.

Tools Used