Social Media Marketing for Software companies – Tips & Tricks

Social Media Marketing for Software companies Social Media Marketing for Software companies

In today’s Internet-driven world, social media marketing for software companies is crucial. 

Every company should take advantage of all online opportunities. If you haven’t already done so, begin utilizing social media to connect with consumers. It doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Here are our top social media marketing tips for software companies:

👉🏻 Tip 1: Focus on the platforms where your key audience spends most of their time online. 

You need a solid strategy for your social media. First, you should determine which platforms are most appropriate for your business

As a beginner, it’s better if you concentrate on just one or two social media platforms. Lots of businesses are trying to keep up with all of them at once. That’s not ideal. To avoid this, you need to do your research and see where your target audience “hangs out.” 

Yes, Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media networks. Your pick, however, will depend on your business and target demographic. Maybe LinkedIn and Twitter are more appropriate for you? 

Once you’ve decided on the platforms, take some time to come up with some ground rules for how you want to write. Will you maintain a professional demeanour at all times? Would you provide your followers with a peek inside the inner workings of your business? Are you going to keep a more informal tone of voice when replying to consumers? Make this a part of your overall strategy and plan ahead of time.

When you’ve settled on a writing style, develop a schedule for how often you’ll publish. Another helpful strategy is to develop a content calendar. If you need help with starting this, read our article “How to create a content calendar – 7 useful tips for your first content calendar.” 

It is crucial to develop these foundations in the beginning. You can adapt your strategy based on data and the feedback you receive from your audience. 

It will become more natural with time.

👉🏻 Tip 2: Engage, follow, and post about trending topics in your field. 

The tech industry is always changing. New trends, technologies, and tools are being developed all the time. Being a software company on social media means your brand has to be in line with those and address them at all times. 

Build your brand exposure and establish yourself as a thought leader by talking about all the current hot topics. For example, crypto, AI, Web3, machine learning, or predictive analytics, you name it. 

Connect with industry experts, and follow and use key hashtags in your posts. All this will increase your brand’s exposure. For example, following the hashtag #ai on LinkedIn will allow you to view all the related AI topics, opinions, and requests from users. 

Don’t forget to pay attention to the comments as you read through your feed. We know that sometimes businesses get flooded with comments, messages, and other types of client communication. It is hard to keep up with everything. This is why we created 24SevenSocial Inbox. The tool is also known as the “knight in shining armour” for social media managers around the globe. Inbox gives you complete control over all of your social media interactions in the most simple manner possible. Don’t believe us? Try it for free today and see for yourself. 

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to share amazing content on your chosen social media platform. Your brand will become more visible if you include these minor touches in your posts.

Here are some social media marketing tricks for software companies to take advantage of: 

✔️ Creativity. 

To succeed in social media marketing, you need to think outside the box. You need to come up with some fresh ideas for posts. Contests are also great, as are other means of interacting with your audience.

✔️ Strong visual acuity. 

A software company’s social media marketing manager (SMM) must have a strong sense of great visuals. In other words, do not underestimate your visual content. Whether it be videos or still banners, make them look great.

✔️ Attentiveness.

One wrong link, a misspelling or another mishap, and you’ve got a comment section full of irate customers! To avoid this, an SMM manager must pay attention to the tiniest of details. Double-check everything before publishing, and do not get complacent. 

It sounds a bit harsh, but it is true. 

Worry not! We, at 24SevenSocial, have got you covered. We developed a great product called 24SevenSocial Publisher. Publisher helps you create, edit, preview, and publish unlimited posts on your chosen social media platforms. You can organize all your content and send your work for review to help you avoid any possible mishaps. The best part of it all is that 24SevenSocial Publisher is completely free.

Why wait? Take your software company’s social media marketing to the next level today. 

➡️ A few more points to consider when developing your social media marketing strategy

A passion for doing your research and examining the facts you read. 

The internet is a treasure trove of data and knowledge, but not all of it can be trusted. We highly recommend gathering your information from several sources. Also, double-check its accuracy before writing an article or a post.


Have no hesitation about putting yourself out there and doing new things.

👉🏻 Tip 3: Engage with satisfied consumers and ask for their feedback. 

Are your sales a bit slow? Involve your consumers in the selling process and let them help you. Did you know that more than 80% of American consumers rely on reviews before making purchases? That number hasn’t gone down at all. Consider how often you check product reviews before making an online buy. Seeing that your consumers are already doing this, why not take advantage of it?

You could consider sending a thank-you email with a link to your product or service’s review page to your paying customers. Also, keep in mind that customers who feel unique and appreciated are more inclined to leave reviews. Connecting with them more often can help you develop your network. Create a reward scheme, such as free trials of new services or tools. You may also create a community of your own with your own rules, where your customers will feel at ease.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that you should not have an aggressive or bribe-like approach. This can push your customers away.

👉🏻 Tip 4: Post about your software. 

Consider using tutorial videos and lessons to showcase your software. Show how your software stacks up against the competition. 

To keep your audience engaged, you need to show them what your product or service is all about. A brief video tutorial can get the job done. Posting it can get your followers to click through to a certain landing page and maybe sign up for your free trial. Remember to include a strong call to action in your video’s accompanying text.

Well, folks, those are some of the top tips and tricks to boost social media marketing for software companies. Don’t forget to follow us to stay in the loop with all the latest SMM news.