How to Organise Your Social Media Content in 2022?

2022 is just around the corner and by the looks of it, it is going to be a very interesting one. This article will be packed with the most important tips about organising your social media content in 2022.  

We’ve been preparing our marketing efforts for 2022 for quite some time, and our social media strategy is at the heart of it all. It may seem a little early, but marketing moves and changes quickly. There are no more slack times in the sector after the end of September. It’s “go, go, go” until January when the new crop of marketing plans and strategies kicks in. 

Waiting until 2022 to start preparing what you’ll do implies you’ll be late, and late means you may miss out on good opportunities. This implies you’ll have fewer chances to reach your objectives.

What should you do?

Your best bet is to figure out what you’re going to do next. You must determine where you want to take your brand’s message and what the brand message is. You must also know what will happen next. A well-thought-out strategy can also help you react to the unexpected, which we all know may happen at any given moment. You can rely on your firm basis to keep your channels live and well-stocked with content. This will also help you pivot your communications if you have one.


Here are our top four suggestions for ensuring that your social media strategy in 2022 works well for you.

  • 👉🏻  Plan, plan .. and a bit more planning 

There are several possibilities to develop content ahead of time – apart from thinking about your main brand messaging (which aren’t seasonal or reactive), there are calendar dates that are present every month. An example of this can be Christmas – we all know that the Xmas countdown begins in September. Therefore, you should keep in mind those important dates and messages that are timeless. They can assist you in creating an effective social media content calendar.

❗ Bonus Tip: ❗ 
If you describe your goals and objectives for your brand’s Social Media for the upcoming year, it will be easier to do your planning correctly. This is simple to develop and can be based on your business objectives and a broader marketing strategy for the year. Then, for each aim, develop a social media communication plan. Make sure your social media strategy addresses all of your goals. Make a professional-looking, jam-packed social media calendar to cover the full year.  Last, but not least, plan content production and ad spend budgets.

  • 👉🏻  Produce your content in bulk 

You’ll know exactly what you’ll need to generate after building a thorough monthly social media plan. 

✔️ Why do we advise you to produce content in bulk:

Well, that’s easy! It saves a significant amount of time, and time equals money. This means that you have more time to spend on other important parts of your business.

Producing ahead of time also means that you have enough time to react quickly to new situations without jeopardizing the remainder of your planned outcomes.

  • 👉🏻  Schedule your content

After you have created your plan it’s time to schedule your social media content. 

✔️ And do you know what the best news is? 

You can use 24SevenSocial Publisher to help you with easy, seamless content scheduling. You can also use our calendar tool to oversee all your content. It’s as easy as one, two, three. 

Keep in mind that you should always be aware of what’s happening in your market. Is there any news? For example, if you are within the design industry – did you get the colour of the year for 2022, etc.? After you react accordingly to the news, make sure to adjust your automatic schedule accordingly.

  • 👉🏻  Monitor results

Measuring the success of your social media initiatives is inextricably linked to your strategy and objectives. If the outcomes you’re obtaining aren’t assisting you in achieving your goals, you’ll need to make some modifications.

Keep track of your campaigns to evaluate what’s working and what’s not, what can be improved, and what has to be changed entirely. Don’t get stuck with things that don’t function simply because you like a concept.

Here we are, the top four tips for a successful social media content plan for the upcoming 2022. Don’t worry – we are always here to help. We have prepared a lot of new, useful articles for you. We want to make sure you have all the needed information and tools to help your brand grow. Do not forget to follow us to stay in the loop of all things social.