Facebook is changing the way your Pages look

Facebook is an “always changing” platform. It has to be, to stay relevant and maintain growth, usage and to keep innovating. Last week Facebook announced a redesign of the news feed, and this week they just announced a redesign of business Pages.

By this redesign Facebook is sending a strong message, it’s all about news feed. Your post now looks the same in your news feed and your page feed, and all other information is moved to the left. They are also putting the key information for reach, ads and likes at the top right, to make it easier to see and focus on.


Another subtle change is how Facebook displays custom apps on your Page. Many marketers have started to worry about apps going away, but not to worry. Apps are not going anywhere. They are still highly effective and powerful. Actually apps will be more visible than ever! 3 of your apps will be display in the left sidebar, and the rest under “more”.


We view this as a good change. Where content and apps are in the center of your Facebook page.

Facebook will slowly roll this out, starting this week. If you have any questions or need help with something – feel free to contact us. We’re here to help. Facebook marketing is what we do.