Daisy Delight by Marc Jacobs Campaign

When Marc Jacobs wanted to launch their newest perfume fragrance, they hired Fieldwork to create a campaign for them. Fieldwork is otherwise known for coordinating awesome guerilla marketing stunts – but this time they turned to Facebook and 24SevenSocial.

Key numbers

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Their story

Fieldwork believes in brand experience and live communication, and have worked to connect brands to people that matter by creating engaging experiences for their clients.


Their Goal

Raise awareness in a digital age

Fieldwork worked with 24SevenSocial to help Marc Jacobs promote their newest fragrance to the Norwegian market. How could we reach the most people that are both relevant and interested in the product? Based on this goal, 24SevenSocial helped Fieldwork build their campaign revolving around Facebook and Instagram – and use Facebook as the main form of communication.

Their Solution



Responsive apps and engagement on Instagram.

With the increasing use of Instagram among teens in Norway, Fieldwork decided to base the contest on Instagram, and gather the entries through a Facebook application. The Facebook page was used to build hype around the contest, and to provide the contestants with the information necessary to participate. Instagram turned out to be a great choice for reaching the target group. The campaign gathered more than 2400 entries via Instagram, and managed to generate 2300 likes on a Facebook page dedicated to the campaign. The 24SevenSocial application was also really popular, as it had 2000 unique visitors and was shared more than 160 times. Demographically they were spot with 152 male, and 1924 female active users.

Tools Used

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