Best Holiday Ads to Get Inspiration From

With Christmas now over, we are waving goodbye to the feel-good “Hallmark” movies and eye tearing Christmas ads. But we’d like to keep the Christmas spirit live for a little longer. In today’s article, we will present you with some of the best holiday ads to help you get inspired for your future campaigns. We’ll look at companies like Coca-Cola, Apple, HP and more.

Without further ado, please get your eyes ready for our pick of the top holiday ads of 2021: 

👉 Coca-Cola chimney’s ad

Coca-Cola’s festive campaign focuses on the notion of community this year and it taps into some “true magic” this Christmas. It begins with a young boy’s ambition to build a chimney out of cardboard boxes, ready for Santa Claus to deliver presents. It continues with his wish to bring his apartment block together to celebrate the holidays. When his neighbours realize what’s going on, they all pitch in. This reminds us, viewers, of the communal spirit. It is quite of a throwback to last year when the pandemic inspired us all to help others. It also made the whole world think about the importance of having a cohesive community. The commercial is directed and filmed by DentsuMB UK and it has certainly “hit the right spot”, and no, that’s not a tear in our eye.

Source: Coca-Cola YouTube

After a very emotional start, we have our box of tissues ready for the second pick in our holiday ads chart.

👉 HP – Reinvent Giving

It’s a good thing we have lots of tissues left from the first pandemic 😊 .. because at the heart of HP’s holiday campaign lay kindness and generosity. The plot is around a woman’s ability to make a small girl happy using her own creativity and the assistance of their neighbours.
She reinvents and redefines the term “gift-giving” to demonstrate that all it takes to make someone feel special is a thoughtful gesture. Of course, there’s an HP printer and a laptop hooked in throughout the commercial, but it’s done tastefully and doesn’t distract from the message of the need to release creativity and surprise someone in an unexpected way. The creators of HP’s holiday ad are BBDO San Francisco. They did a great job in making our hearts melt in such a wonderful way. 

Source: HP YouTube

Moving onto the third choice of the day. This one is also as emotional and equally brilliant.

👉 Apple: Make Someone’s Holiday

It begins in a very familiar way, with a family going to see relatives for the holidays. The brilliance of this holiday advertisement is that the iPad appears to be the only thing keeping the peace during their trip. The ad then takes a bittersweet turn as the product is used to make a very special gift for a loved one. This is where you need to prepare your box of tissues and indulge in the emotions. 

Source: The Cool Commercials

👉 Our honourable mention today goes to Google’s – Home Alone, Again which came out about three years ago.

In their new ad, Google placed their bet on nostalgia, especially in the late bloomers and millennials’ minds. Google’s short remake of Home Alone, starring the now-grown-up Macauly Culkin as Kevin and his new co-actor – Google Assistant, mixed old and new, opening up a “vault of memories”. The advertising became really popular because everyone grew up watching it over the holidays.

As the advertisement progresses, we meet Kevin’s new helper, who made Kevin’s life much simpler than two decades ago. When the evil men joined the situation, the new-age hero even stepped in to aid Kevin. 

Source: IGN YouTube

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