The power of LinkedIn – Why it became the new Facebook

How is knowing what people like and care about powerful? – You may ask. 

We live in an extremely well-connected society. This means that a simple video of you can go viral in no time if people find it interesting enough. Next thing you know, you have become a successful influencer with millions of followers, earning thousands of dollars per post. This is the power of Social media in general. Moreover, it is extremely helpful to know your target audience’s preferences and likes so you can communicate with them effectively. 

Thinking about it, the fact that LinkedIn has changed its appearance and functionalities may be an indicator of further changes in the modern professional world. Being up to speed with all the changes can help you discover many new opportunities, be trendy and even reach new audiences.

Tips for Your LinkedIn Content

Here are some tips for posting LinkedIn content that brings value and may increase your network further:

1. Bring added value to your audience by posting tips and “how-tos” We doubt there is a person nowadays who hasn’t heard of LinkedIn, a powerful professional networking platform that changed the business world. It was launched back in 2002 and since then it has become the primary place for professionals to seek employment, show their experience, connect with other professionals by sending messages, congratulating each other for starting a new job, birthdays and so on. Over the last years and few updates later LinkedIn acquired features such as stories, people tagging and the like which made us think how much it started to look like another well-known networking platform – Facebook.

Yet the truth is that LinkedIn is indeed a powerful Social Media platform that can easily be proclaimed to be the new Facebook for more professionally-oriented people. 

Why is it important to socialise on LinkedIn?

With its growing popularity, it is becoming very important for professionals to be part of the LinkedIn community and therefore keep an active profile. This gives an individual the opportunity to show their personality, as well as their professional experience. Furthermore, this is a great means for potential clients, employers and even colleagues to get to know you better, so you are not just a walking CV to them. 

Some users tend to criticize LinkedIn for “facebookifying” their look and even the content people are posting. Moreover, LinkedIn changed the way their group feature operates, leaving some users unhappy with the platform. But is it all that bad actually? 

The power of LinkedIn. 

The fact that LinkedIn is extremely popular, with over 700 million active users, shows what kind of a powerful platform it is. Furthermore, LinkedIn presents the opportunity for a lot of individuals, businesses and even large corporations to stay in touch with the current trends by overseeing what people are interested in, analysing their reactions to different posts, articles & topics. This is an incredibly powerful insight into your audience. 

(image source: LinkedIn)

2. Post videos and presentations – they are interactive, easy to absorb and will definitely spark an interest in your audience.

3. Make predictions and create polls to engage in discussions with other users in your network. You should also use relevant hashtags in order to reach more people interested in your topic. Simply said – start the conversation and network. 

4. Life lessons – regardless of your age, experience or industry sharing any lessons that you believe are important can always benefit someone else and therefore you bring added value to someone else’s life. 

5. Last, but not least try posting original long-form content. Similar to blogs, working on original posts on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to get further exposure for yourself and your business. 

To summarise it all, LinkedIn is a vastly growing platform with a lot of opportunities to not only network with people but present yourself and your business to the world. In addition, we believe that LinkedIn will keep on improving its features and services so it is definitely a space that you need to be present at.

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