LinkedIn For Business in 2022: How to Use It To Your Advantage

LinkedIn for business helps you to establish credibility, build a relevant network, and gain insider knowledge from industry experts. 

With 810 million users as of March 2022, LinkedIn is the world’s most popular business network. LinkedIn is used by 25% of all American adults. Furthermore, 22% of them are using the platform on a daily basis.

People use LinkedIn to mainly “Strengthen their professional network”. It’s a great way for individuals to keep in contact with old coworkers, acquire referrals for new companies, or hunt for new employment.

But how can you use LinkedIn to properly sell your company?

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about using LinkedIn to advertise your business, all of which has been updated for 2022.

Let’s roll!

👉🏻 How to use LinkedIn for your business? 

Step 1: Create a user account for yourself in the first step

To use LinkedIn, you must first create a personal account. This account will also be the admin of your Company Page. Don’t worry, you can add additional Page managers later on. 

Step 2: Create a LinkedIn Company Page

Okay, now you have your LinkedIn account ready, we can start working on your Page. Here’s how to do this:
After you’ve logged in to your personal account, navigate to the top right of your browser and select the Work symbol. 

You then need to choose “Create a Company Page” at the bottom of the menu that appears.


You then simply need to choose the relevant option for your business. You can choose from Company, Showcase Page & Educational Institution


After choosing your Page type, you simply need to start filling in your data. Spend the time necessary to craft a decent tagline since it will be the first impression most LinkedIn users will have of you.

Step 3: Make your page more optimized

Okay, now that you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to optimize your new Page in order to gain traction and grow your following. To begin, navigate to and click the blue Edit Page button.



You then need to fill in all of the fields in the sections you are presented. The extra information is extremely helpful for the success of your business page. It will assist users to understand what you do and it improves your LinkedIn SEO (a.k.a. showing up in search results). It’s well worth the effort: According to LinkedIn, companies with detailed profiles tend to receive 30% more views.

Here are a few SEO optimisation tricks for your LinkedIn Business page to test

✔️ Using translations is one of the best ways to optimize your LinkedIn page.

If your business is international and you serve a variety of audiences, you may want to take advantage of the translation option available on Linkedin. This is great as you won’t have to build a new Company Page for each location because you can add translations. The best thing about the translations is that you may have up to 20 languages on your Page. This also includes the name, tagline, and description sections. Really cool feature, right? 

✔️ Boost your LinkedIn Business Page by using relevant keywords for your descriptions.

Google indexes your LinkedIn page as well. This means you should use natural-sounding keywords in the opening paragraph of your company description. Keep your vision, values, products, and services to no more than 3-4 paragraphs.

✔️ Add a custom button

The custom button is located next to the “Follow” one. LinkedIn users will see it on your Page. You can choose from the following options:

  • Contact us
  • Learn more
  • Register
  • Sign up
  • Visit website – this is the default option set by LinkedIn.

You can change the custom button at any moment. For instance, if you’re having a webinar or another event, it could be changed to “Register” or “Sign up” to focus on that instead of your website. You may also use a UTM in your URL to track where your leads are originating from.

✔️ Popularise Your Page

Once you are happy with the way your LinkedIn Business Page is set up, you should start growing your followers. There are many ways to do so. You can share it, and ask your employees to add it to their profile by stating they work for the company. You are also able to invite all your connections to follow it as well. 

Our advice is to also create constant content suitable for the network in order to engage your potential audience.
The best way to ensure you will stay consistent with your content is to create a content calendar. You know what people say – “Content is King”, so don’t underestimate its power. 

How else to Boost Your Business on LinkedIn? 

➡️ Advertising on LinkedIn

Advertising your business on LinkedIn is great to increase your brand’s awareness, leads, post engagements and overall site traffic. You are even able to advertise job positions on LinkedIn’s ads platform.
Here are the variety of LinkedIn ad formats you are able to choose from:

  • Text advertising that is sponsored
  • Sponsored posts (such as “boosting” an existing Page post) are paid advertisements.
  • Sponsored message (sent to a LinkedIn user’s inbox)
  • Dynamic advertising can incorporate a user’s data in the ad, such as their name, profile photo, and employer.
  • Job postings that have been sponsored
  • Ads in a photo carousel

Four out of every five LinkedIn users have the ability to influence corporate buying choices. This is where ads may be quite effective.

Bonus Tips For Success: ❗

➡️ Consistency is key

To maintain your present readers and gain new ones, this is the most crucial thing you can do. Decide on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly posting schedule, and then stick to it.

➡️ Be unique in your approach

Don’t rehash already published content on the internet. Take a stance, establish an opinion, and back it up with a compelling argument. It is not necessary for everyone to agree with you. If they do, it’s unlikely that they’re exercising actual thought leadership.

➡️ Once you’ve written anything, you may market it indefinitely. 

Remember to share and promote your previous entries. LinkedIn content output is expected to increase even further this year, so you’re up against some stiff competition. Your content will still have a home – just be sure you share it more than once.

Well folks this is all we have for you. LinkedIn is a professional network that helps you to enhance your company’s legitimacy, build a relevant network, and identify yourself as an industry authority. All of this is feasible with the correct LinkedIn marketing plan, which you now know how to develop. Stay tuned for our next article where you will learn more about LinkedIn Ads. Follow us to ensure you won’t miss it.