How to Grow your Youtube Subscribers the Right Way?

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube subscribers organically? Do you want to monetize the content on your channel or popularize your brand further? We know this can be a struggle to achieve. For instance, to become a YouTube Partner and start receiving ad income, you’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel. To climb up YouTube’s “benefit level” ladder, you need a growing number of subscribers. Furthermore, if you are after receiving awards, having account managers and production aid, then you need to hit at least 100,000 subscribers.

In today’s post, you will find out how to grow your YouTube subscribers to have a successful channel with lots of views and an engaged audience. 

Let us start by saying that you should not even consider buying your subscribers or “enrolling” into the “free” YouTube subscriber growth schemes. We won’t waste your time going into too many details about why we don’t advise you to buy social media followers or YouTube subscribers.
But, we will say this: 

👉 Bot subscribers won’t engage with your video content 

👉 Fake subscribers show a negative appearance of your brand to your genuine audience. Genuine YouTube subscribers tend to value honesty.

👉 There is a real danger of breaking YouTube’s fake engagement policy which could get you banned.

👉 Taking advantage of fake YouTube subscribers may push some potential partners or brands to close their doors for any future collaborations  

It’s simply not worth it.

What you can do instead of taking phoney shortcuts or calling all your friends up to get them to subscribe to your YouTube channel is: 

1️⃣ It goes without saying, but we need to start with this – have a bulletproof video content strategy.

Make sure the content you create is of great quality and engaging. Let’s say you have a channel mainly focusing on Social Media:
✅ What topics will you cover?
✅ How do you know the topics you find interesting are going to drive traffic, search volume and engagement to your video?
Researching your topics thoroughly and lightly presenting them is a great first start.
✅ Who is your target audience?
✅ Why should people subscribe to your YouTube channel instead of your fellow creators’?

2️⃣ Once you are clear on your strategy and see that people enjoy your content – you can simply ask them to subscribe to your channel. We don’t mean it in the pushy, “salesy” way. Instead, you can drop a reminder or two while you are talking to them – making sure they stay up to date with your content. This is a very genuine and nice way to ask them to support you. You will also be able to tell how people respond to what you ask of them which can be extremely useful when it comes to any future promoted collaborations.

3️⃣ Engage and interact with your audience, respond and react to comments.

Forming good relationships with your subscriber and viewers is essential. Why? Because they would want to keep watching your work. Reacting and responding to their comments, even following their channels back is a great way to show your appreciation. Also, according to YouTube’s engagement data, “viewers who have received a heart on their comment are three times more likely to click on the notification (than with other types of notifications), potentially leading more viewers back to your channel.” This also means you can potentially grow your YouTube subscribers just by interacting with them. Another benefit of being responsive and approachable is that your viewers and subscribers can provide you with priceless content ideas for your next video.

4️⃣ SEO and overall appearance of your YouTube channel.

Do your research on the types of keywords for your video’s titles, descriptions, and hashtags. SEO is extremely important when it comes to getting your video content out there. You can get help from SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends. They can help you identify the keywords and phrases people are using to find the information you’re providing.

5️⃣ The overall appearance and branding of your channel are critical components of informing viewers about who you are and what they can expect from your channel.

Your YouTube Banner plays an important role. Everyone who visits your channel will be greeted by your banner, so make sure it’s clean, yet interesting and explanatory. Your channel icon is going to essentially be your brand’s logo, or if you are building more of a personal brand – your photo. Either way, it should clearly represent who you are.

6️⃣ Moving onto another very important element of your YouTube Subscriber growth – channel description.

The description text appears on your YouTube channel’s About page. You are only able to describe your channel in up to 1,000 characters. You should use those to tell viewers why they should subscribe. There is one more point we’d like to share with you, but it would require 100 subscribers to your channel. This is “the very” useful Custom URL for your channel. This is pretty similar to what you do with your other social media platforms, but you’d be surprised how many people forget about this. You really don’t want people to see this “” when they open your YouTube channel. Try using your brand’s name instead of the default option YouTube will generate for you. Implementing branded video thumbnails when creating your videos will make them a lot more recognisable and could help you grow your YouTube subscribers in the long run.

7️⃣ Here are a few more “free tips” to help you grow your Youtube subscribers the right way:

  • Make use of YouTube’s clickable in-video subscription tools. YouTube offers a few built-in clickable tools to help you convert your viewers to loyal subscribers.
  • Create a channel trailer. YouTube channel trailers can help you grow your subscribers base as they tend to showcase your best videos. Keep it short and sweet and make sure you present the best videos somewhere around the 20th second of the trailer. This way, your viewers, mainly new but also the returning ones, can get a quick overview of the type of content you create.

Last, but not least and before we reach the end of today’s post – share your own content on all your social media platforms (think Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, even Snapchat). This will help you gain a lot more visibility and reach a much bigger audience.

And here we are – right at the very end of today’s article. We believe our tips will help you grow your YouTube subscribers. Don’t forget to like, share and follow us to stay in the loop of all things social.