How often should you perform Facebook ad changes?

Have you ever heard about social media ad fatigue, also known as ad blindness? If you are familiar with this problem, then keep on reading. In today’s article, we will be looking at how to avoid ad blindness. We will also answer a few key questions about ad fatigue and how often you should ideally perform Facebook ad changes. 

Firstly, let us start by saying that there is no step-by-step guide for avoiding ad fatigue and performing Facebook ad campaign changes. We know that this is exactly the type of answer you would expect to get from a marketer, but we recommend you stay until the end of this article. We worked really hard to prepare understandable and actionable tips to help you make the right decision when it comes to performing Facebook ad changes. 

So why does ad blindness occur in social media ads?

In a nutshell, ad fatigue happens when viewers grow overly exposed to a particular sort of advertisement. It will, in effect, impact even the most effective Facebook or other social media marketing efforts. As the frequency of your campaigns increases, your target audience will begin to see the same ads over and over again. As a result, people become less receptive to them. Ad fatigue hinders consumers from progressing through the sales funnel, lowering your total ROAS. Your campaigns must be managed, evaluated, and refreshed on a regular basis in order to generate strong results and ensure that your content continues to excite your audience.

When should you change your Facebook ads? 

It’s worth noting that not every ad that you run will suffer from ad fatigue. It’s just sometimes the ads take some time and testing until they become “the hit”. As an example, if you decide to re-use a newspaper ad online, chances are it will not cut it, regardless of how good it was in your offline marketing effort.

What you need to look out for:

👉🏻 Checking the clickthrough rates should be the first step before making your decision on ad changes. After all, the CTR shows how engaging your content is and if it’s persuasive enough for your target audience to take the desired action.

Clickthrough rates usually reach a plateau before they start to decline. Furthermore, as soon as you notice your CTR starting to dwindle, it’s a good idea to change the creative and, more often than not, the actual offer & ad copy.

If you have a larger advertising budget, the changes may happen in as little as one week. If you are operating with a smaller budget, however, it could take up to a month. This is because the campaign data will be acquired slower and it will take you longer to make data – driven decisions.

So what else should you consider when performing Facebook ad changes?

We all know that effective design takes time, regardless of whether you have an in-house marketing dream team or hire an outside professional agency.

However, if you discover ad fatigue early enough, you might be able to reverse the effects without having to start from scratch.

There are three basic techniques you may use to renew your ad creative:

  • ✔️ Change the “Creative’s Look and Feel” of your visuals

Sometimes simple tweaks work miracles for your ads. This may be the only requirement. For example, you may see a huge difference between a yellow Call-to-action than a red one. You could also consider smaller changes to your ad copy. For instance, you could change your Facebook ad subheading or test a brand new main text.

  • ✔️ Change your Offer

Changing the appearance of your ad isn’t always enough. If you see it does not work, then you may take it to the next level and adjust the actual offer you have on your ad.

The offer may make or break your campaign. You need to ensure your offer is captivating and enticing. If your initial one does not work well for you, launching a new one may have a great influence on your overall ad performance.

  • ✔️ Keeping your ad’s performance level high

You should always assess, analyse and optimise your Facebook ad campaigns. This goes for all your social media and PPC advertising. 

To be successful with paid social, you must be innovative and always seek out new methods to connect with your audience, grow your brand, and ultimately improve yourself as a marketer. We also highly advise you to test one ad change at a time. Moreover, if you plan to create a new visual, then just use the new design and leave it run for some time. This will give you a better overview of which change actually worked well for your campaign. 

You may also find some inspiration in running social media ads during the holidays.

To summarise everything so far, it’s important to perform Facebook ad changes based on the right data. Don’t forget to also create comprehensive A/B tests to determine which one works best for your campaigns. Last but not least, keep a close eye on your campaigns at all times. Well, folks, this is all for today. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay in the loop of all the latest and greatest social media news.