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Getting value with Christmas calendars on Facebook

The end objective of almost all marketing activities is getting people to buy your stuff.

Now that the days of super viral campaigns are almost “over”, you need to keep your objective in mind, and really structure your campaign around it.

Still, think simple – show off your best products in the best way possible, but don’t spend your whole budget on the campaign site itself, because with today’s lowered organic reach, you need to buy traffic.

A xmas calendar is a great opportunity to build an audience of users who love your brand and products! You can use this audience throughout the christmas campaign. Usually you have more products that you would like to show off than just the 24-ish prizes you have in your calendar, so use it to drive sales in the advent period.  And perhaps more important: when January comes, and a new sales year has started you’ve got an engaged audience that you can market to.

My math would go like this

  • 20% production of campaign site
  • 30% Ads to drive NEW entries
  • 20% Ads/notifications to re-engage already entered users.
  • 30% Ads about products in a x-massy prize range to the Entered Users Audience and lookalikes.


So on a 100k it would be

  • 20k on site
  • 30k on traffic
  • 20k on re-engagement
  • 30k on product ads

For this you need to

  1. Prepare all your prizes for your calendar
  2. Find general xmas products
  3. Build your calendar site (in 24SevenSocial) and connect it to an Audience (in 24SevenSocial!)
  4. Schedule your posts telling about “today’s” prize.
  5. Build your general ads Creative
  6. Book ads


You can bulk this in three tasks

  1. Campaign site
  2. Traffic
  3. Sales


Campaign site – 20k

  • Prepare all your prizes for your calendar
  • Build your site
  • Connect to Audiencer

Traffic – 50k

  • Schedule posts to tell users about your campaign site
  • Book ads
    • Target1: Fans ands their friends who like stuff in the vertical that you work
    • Target2: Audience and lookalikes from entries
    • Target2: is built with entries from Target1


Sales – 30k

  • Prepare all your xmas products
  • Build your creatives
    • Think in both: what is a great gift, and what does this person need this xmas.
      EX: I can give away a tie for xmas, but I might need a new suit for myself.
  • Book ads
    • Target 1: Audience and lookalikes from entries of campaign


IF suddenly you don’t have the time to manage Part 3. in December, then prepare what you can and get a head start on January’s sales period.

TIP: Start a week in advance and start promoting the calendar with email signups for notification when it starts… Then your custom audience is already growing.

If you need help with getting started. Contact us for a free 24SevenSocial demo – and we’ll make sure this Christmas gives the results you’re hoping for.