Dynamic Experiences: The New Facebook Ads Feature

Dynamic Experiences is Facebook’s brand-new ad feature. Let’s take a look at what it is and whether or not you should utilize it.

🙄 What are Dynamic Experiences?

In a nutshell, Dynamic experiences are ads using a single picture or video. The new format develops numerous variants of your ad automatically. It gives each individual a personalized variety depending on what they’re most likely to respond to. To assist an increase in performance and offer more personalized advertising to each user, you may use the Traffic or Conversions objectives with a website destination to develop ads with dynamic experiences.

As seen on the screenshot below, Dynamic Experiences is enabled during the ad creation process:


As we mentioned in the beginning, you must use either a single picture or a video ad type.

You also need to include a variety of text options for the main text, headline, and description.

🔥 Recommendations: 

To get the best results, we recommend including a range of text possibilities. Facebook then shows each person the variation that the algorithm thinks your audience will best respond to.
The following are some of the media enhancements and compositional modifications that may be made in this ad creation flow. The main idea here is automatic optimization of your ads’ creative when it’s likely to perform better:

  • Media enhancements to the images or video provided: improve the image or video’s quality and appeal to the viewer. Here are some examples, however, there are many more:
  • Adjusting image brightness and contrast: Facebook will make adjustments to your image’s brightness and contrast. Facebook’s AI will also use creative filters to sharpen the image, change the colour temperature, and add a vignette or radial blur. A variety of aspect ratios will be applied as well as this, templates will be added dynamically to a feed image.

👉🏻 The following are some instances of ad-level compositional changes:

  • Use your Facebook profile to add labels like page likes or ratings;
  • You will see all relevant comments below your ad;
  • Changing up the text combinations;

Many of these improvements seem similar to the “Optimize Creative For Each Person” options. They are only available when Dynamic Creative is turned on. Of course, this is a stand-alone function that does not necessitate the activation of any other features.

“Optimized Text Per Person” is a text swapping improvement that allows Facebook to swap the text you give for Primary Text, Headline, and Description across the three locations. You could switch that function on and off independently once more.

🔥 Things to keep in mind: 

❗ When you use dynamic experiences, you may display photos and videos with any text or positioning you choose. To improve performance, they might be clipped or changed.
❗ Your text choices might be used as a headline, principal content, or description. You will not see every conceivable variation in your Ads Manager preview since the variation provided will be based on what Facebook predicts each user is most likely to respond to.
❗ You should keep your ads as relevant as possible but also include a variety of options in order to test what works best. 

Just like with every new feature, we highly recommend testing it to see whether it works well for your business or not. After all, marketing is all about testing, right? Don’t forget to follow us and stay in the loop of all the latest social media news. Feel free to add our blog to your bookmarks and refer to it whenever you need some useful social media tips.