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Why Do You Need A Social Media Content Calendar?

“What should we post about today?” –  a question that haunts many of our readers.

We will talk you through the process of social media content planning, why it helps you and your brand. We will also get to the bottom of the question above.

Nowadays social content is key for the success of your brand. According to Hubspot, companies that publish content about 3-4 times a week get roughly 3.5 times more traffic than companies that post 1-2 times a week.

Getting this much traffic organically is great, but how can you be consistent and on time?

The answer is easy – simply use a pre-planned social media content calendar. Luckily enough 24SevenSocial’s Publisher Tool offers this and much more. Keep on reading to see why a social content calendar is helpful and how you can utilise it the best way possible. 

📅 Why should you create a social content calendar? 📅

Did you know that around 63% of businesses do not have a social content plan or a strategy? This means that in most cases they improvise on everything, including blog articles, social media posts and even create videos on the go. This can be successful for some, but in the majority of cases, it is not an efficient approach to your brand’s content. Not having a strategy or a plan in place may also lead to low-quality content being produced.

Since you now know that you should have a plan in place, let us tell you why a social content calendar will help you greatly

Having a social media content calendar is great as it will inevitably help you organise your upcoming content (whether it is posting blogs on your social channels, regular social media posts or announcements). It is the main tool that you can use to answer the two main questions: “What should I post?” and “When should I post?”. A social calendar tool will help you avoid stressful situations of coming up with topics last minute or trying to write a short post- article when you are suffering the “writer’s block”. 

Why should you use 24SevenSocial Publisher Tool to build and maintain your content calendar?

  1. Having a social calendar will help you be organized and on track with your work

Using post-it notes, random pieces of paper or notes on your phone or laptop is not a particularly reliable method of planning your content out. Furthermore, it may confuse you and lead to low-quality content which will a) not get the needed attention, b) may get you to lose followers, c) last but not least, waste your own time or the time of your content creator.

We are firm believers of creating useful, great quality content to help solve your audience’s issues. This is why we have included a social content calendar functionality in our 24SevenSocial Publisher Tool. A content calendar gives you a better perspective of your overall marketing strategy. You will also be able to align your post topics with your social media and even email marketing content.

  1. Excellent for brainstorming

Have you ever been in a social brainstorm meeting where you had a surge of ideas flying through the room? You can use the social content calendar for those cases. You can simply input all the ideas in the calendar and then refine them all in a timely manner. Moreover, this will help you select better topics and reserve some for later use.

In the tool, you are able to monitor and analyse your audience’s engagement and feedback. This will give you valuable insights into their preferences. You can later apply it to your content and adjust accordingly. 

  1. Be consistent

One of the best strategies when creating social content is being consistent. To ensure you are always on your audience’s radar, you need to offer them useful, educational, relevant, and entertaining content on a regular basis. No matter how much your audience likes your writing and your overall content, inconsistent posting will lead to an “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” scenario. Although usually social media algorithm sort posts based on relevancy rather than publish times, it is good to ensure your content is relatable and not chaotic. 

  1. The power is in your hands

Making use of 24SevenSocial’s calendar also gives you the opportunity to pre-schedule, publish and review any content that is about to be posted on your social media profiles. This means that you are always in the loop and will have control over everything that is about to be posted on your social channels. 

Have your peace of mind and create a social content strategy the right way. Make sure your content is relevant, relatable and consistent. Review, schedule or post – it is up to you. Don’t forget – we are here for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.