Visual Storytelling

I have been trying to understand the effect visuals have on users, as I try to create shareable and good visual imagery. I think that images can take your marketing to a whole new level.

We know that we can use images and video alone to communicate messages. As humans, I believe, that it’s in our nature to communicate visually. We process images quite fast — and we are easily drawn to compelling imagery.

Our subconscious speaks to us in images and visuals. In many ways we are also subconsciously aware of visualizations that will trigger a feeling. Keeping in mind that you are competing for attention on the same level as any other that wishes your for your targets attention. Incorporating visuals along with text will persuade people to stick around and explore your content in depth.

What strengthens my argument most is how media has shifted during the last decade. Where we started out from written blogs, 140-character messages and now to ’snapping’ photos and gathering likes on our images on Instagram.

Let alone the fact that snapping photos and sharing these has become so much easier than before. So what does that tell us?

”A picture is worth more than a thousand words” — goes a famous saying. As we have moved from written stories to moments shared with photos and videos, are written words really necessary anymore?

I have a background as a self-taught graphical artist and photographer. Combining this with my skills in social media marketing gives me a good foundation to bring you some tips.

Give your viewers brighter images. This may seem obvious, but appealing images are often bright and lively. Avoid low-contrast, dark images. This goes for graphical elements as well. Try and keep the images clean and with 2 or 3 different colors at most. You don’t want to be coming of as noise in the newsfeed.


Use people. People are often drawn to faces — that’s why you see all those typical “corporate” images of people shaking hands or whatnot. These types of images convey a welcoming and trustworthy feeling. For instance, happy children express joy and youthful bliss. But please steer away from those cliché images with the multiracial group of people shaking hands. It’s been enough of those.

Skjermbilde 2014-03-31 kl. 10.50.53

Talk the talk. If you’re posting a photo of a seminar or workshop you’re throwing, don’t just show the backs of the group. Show what people are doing. Show that they’re actually in a workshop and doing something!


Colors are beautiful. Different colors appeal to different people. I, myself love white (although it’s not really a color). To learn about what color would appeal best to your target group — you could pull off a comprehensive survey, or you can just visit the websites of brands that target the similar audience. Posting vibrant and visually stimulating imagery can take a somewhat boring content and spice it up.

Be consistent with your brand. If your brand is selling children’s clothing — post fashionable pictures of children. If you are posting an infographic of something you want to share — make sure the colors and overall profile matches your brand.


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