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The Best Free Stock Video Sites For Your Business: 2021

It is late in the evening and you are way over your regular work hours but you feel joyful as you are just about to complete editing a fantastic video assignment you have started maybe days ago. Your colleagues are counting on you and you know that finishing this will bring so much extra value to your company when you discover something is missing. 

Yes, it looks perfect but in a way, your video does not look complete. It does not bring this remarkable, heroic feeling you want the viewer to experience while watching.

Maybe drone footage of the dynamic streets of New York or one over the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand is what your video is missing however, your approved budget is way too small for you to afford to travel there and film the desired footage. 

You start searching the internet and you find a paid stock video website that can perfectly do the job but again your budget isn’t big enough and waiting for an additional approval will take too much time.

So, how do you go about it?

You start researching and you find that there are a variety of free stock video sources available out there. These clips are an excellent alternative to the expensive footage selections because of their high quality and accessibility. 

However, you start feeling confused as there are a large number of sources out there and you are wondering which free stock video websites to use in your brand initiatives, wonder no longer. We at 24SevenSocial prepared just the right information for you. These 5 free stock video websites are awesome alternatives to the paid ones and can give you the desired result. 

This list is based on the quality, user-friendliness and quantity of the video content:

  1. Pixabay
  2. Pexels
  3. Videvo
  4. Coverr
  5. Mixkit


Pixabay’s user community has contributed over 1.5 million free stock pictures and movies. Its search feature makes finding what you’re looking for quick and easy. The whole process can be finished in under a minute. It makes this list because of its previews and access to 4K footage (also known as Ultra High Definition), which is a movie with a resolution of 3,840 pixels by 2,160 pixels.


Pexels contains a wide range of high-definition clips, some of which are taken from other websites. You can rapidly preview clips while browsing to make sure you know precisely what you’re receiving before you download them.


Videvo has motion graphics, music, and sound effects that you can utilize in your projects in addition to stock footage. It has approximately 120,000 files of excellent quality! Its search function, which includes filters and categories to help you discover the perfect clip, is the most useful on this list.


While Coverr’s major focus is on clips for use as a website homepage or Facebook cover photo, it has a lot more to offer. Search the site’s clip library or you can check every Monday for new additions and content.


Mixkit offers a very simple and user-friendly interface. You may sample and download free stock clips from a variety of categories right from the homepage. All of the videos are absolutely free to use and of excellent quality, and you can even sign up for a weekly newsletter to be notified of the ten new clips that are added.

Keep in mind, however, before using any free stock video that even free video clips can come with rules and regulations. These rules are important to be taken into consideration, especially when uploading a video to any social media platform. You can easily find information about this in the description section of the chosen video. 

Now you have some of the best sites as your advantage to find your free stock video footage!

Create content that will make you stand out, find that perfect clip you need!


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