How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work in 2022?

Have you ever wondered how to increase your YouTube content engagement or your channel’s visibility?

Well, you came to the right place. Hello and welcome to our YouTube Algorithm 2022 walkthrough. This article will help with your channel growth strategy. We will also show you how to attract more subscribers and build a solid following. 

The main and ultimately most important bit you need to remember is that your audience is key. This means that the algorithm is learning from the behavior of your current viewers, as well as the potential ones. So, here are the main points you need to consider when trying to play the YouTube Algorithm Game:

👉  Existing viewers vs. Potential new viewers

It may feel a bit discouraging if your video content is not “trending”. Try not to worry too much about making it to the “What’s Trending” part of YouTube because it is usually built upon the reflection of a smaller audience. This means that it may not necessarily be your existing or target audience. One thing to keep in mind about the YouTube algorithm is that it works based on the audience’s feedback as well as their demand. Therefore, what you need to do is to keep a balanced “happiness meter” between your existing subscribers and potential new ones.

Furthermore, the goal of your content should be to get your new viewers, even the ones who randomly came across your video, to keep coming back for more. The good news is that YouTube has introduced a special audience analytics tab where you can view your audience’s engagement on a more detailed level. This is very beneficial as it will clearly show you what your viewers find interesting and what you need to work on further. 

Another very important step when it comes to triggering the YouTube algorithm to your advantage is to:

👉  Publish consistent content.

It is very simple and straightforward – you cannot make a name for yourself if you don’t have enough content for your audience. 

Therefore, you need to create great quality, engaging content that your audience finds relatable. Your content should also resonate with your viewers’ values and interests. This will get them to come back for more. You need to be able to develop your unique style and as cheesy as it may sound – just “be yourself”. People tend to subscribe to someone they can relate to. Genuine creators are much more successful.

Another part of the successful content is the use of a clickable video thumbnail and well-targeted keyword search phrases. ❗ Do not use clickbait as this will make your goals plummet ❗ Be open for feedback, improvement and try to identify your weak spots to correct them. This will make your content and presenter’s skills improve immensely which will aid your engagement rate. Apart from interesting content, you need to make sure your video looks and sounds great. Get this right and the algorithm will slowly start to work in your favor.

👉  One more point to consider is to have “Evergreen content”:

Try to think about the type of content that will keep your viewers coming back for more. But why should you do this if your audience is key to determining how the algorithm works with your content? Ideally, you need to focus on creating yet another balance. This time it’s between quality and quantity. Furthermore, consistent high-quality, well-thought videos are more likely to perform better in YouTube’s world. Stay away from creating a lot of content but with poor quality. 

😉 Bonus tip: Have you heard that shorter videos retain audiences at a higher rate than longer content? Yes, we did too, but what you also need to consider are the seasonal changes in viewing content. The changes vary and can depend on the types of devices your viewers use when watching your videos. For example, people on their lunch break will watch shorter videos on their smartphones. Just try to think about your viewing habits when thinking of new content to create, as well as your current one. 

We understand that essentially more views, a growing audience and great engagement metrics on your video content mean more potential revenue for your channel. Therefore you need to ensure you can build your YouTube name, business or brand up by creating consistent, unique and relatable content for your audience. Use the correct targeted search terms and thumbnail pairings, but most of all – be yourself, have fun and get out there. 

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