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Digital Marketing Trends in 2015

A new year is coming up fast, and it’s safe to say that big changes has happened in 2014 within the digital marketing industry. You should get prepared for even bigger changes in the years to come. We at 24SevenSocial spend a lot of time looking at trends, trying to see the bigger picture. Here are our certified guesses on what you need to know about the future.

What we think may happen

  • Even harder to stand out
    Reach is dropping everywhere, more people and more brands keeps on creating more content. The whole thing is escalating so fast that it’s almost impossible to stand out from peoples feeds.
  • Time to show what you’ve been doing actually works
    It’s time to stop playing around (altho you should still be creative) and find ways to measure what impact all your digital activities actually has on your brand. Is it generating revenue, if yes – what are actually working and what isn’t.
  • Big data starts actually doing stuff for you
    Things are going to get more automated. Big data will take a even bigger part of your workflow and will start doing stuff for you. Optimizing ads, creating drafts of content, helping you find the right time to post, and the right target group.
  • The hiarchy of the biggest social networks will change
    In times with big changes, no social network should relax. Things will happen that makes some platforms flurish, where others fall.
  • Offline and online have to play together nicely
    Make sure that your online activites also spins into the offline world. Bring people together and make sure you give the same value in both worlds.

What we think you should do about it

  • Your content has to be better then ever
    No more half though trough not really relevant content. You have to make sure you KNOW that your audience will love your content – and that it’s creating value for THEM.
  • You have to decide your battle grounds, you can’t be everywhere
    Don’t try to be everywhere, focus on the platforms that’s right for you and your audience and be the best there – instead of mediocre everywhere.
  • Get ready to change focus fast
    Make sure you are rigged to pivot at a seconds notice. Things will change, big changes – and you need to have the team and mindset to come out of that on top of things.
  • Learn Facebook ads, not just boosting
  • You need to know what a Custom Audience, Website Audience, Conversion Pixels and lookalikes are. You need to use all of the things above to make sure the right people to the things you want them to do.
  • Measure everything, test anything
    Make sure you measure absolutely everything you can. So when you suddenly need to know something you have the data to help you out. Also, test anything you can. Pictures, text, time, data and everything in between. No more excusses.
  • Make your boss understand why what you do might save his business
    It’s time to have that chat with your boss. He (and his board of directors) needs to understand digital. Or you will all lose.

It’s exiting times we live in, we can’t wait to jump into the future. What are your thoughts on what’s coming?